Anything could happen

Anything could happen, you just never know until you take a chance and trust your heart


3. looking

From Luke's POV

Shit! I didn't mean to upset her

Oh for fuck sake I was just embarrassed that she might have hear I thought she was beautiful

"Hey, is her name (y/n)"

I asked her friend who was still stood looking bewildered

"Yea it is, I'm going to get find her"

"No! Um yea I think I should go find her and say sorry"

"Ok sure"

"Come down here and you can chill with us" Michael shouted

I ran off the stage, where would she have gone?

I wandered around the building asking guards if they had seen her anywhere

I honestly didn't mean for what I said to come out so harsh and upset her, it want even her fault I'm sure if I was her I would have done the same thing.

"Why does this building have to be so big!"

I opened the door I left them in and sat on the floor was (y/n)

"(Y/n) are you ok?"

She jumped and pulled her sleeve down

"Yea yea I'm fine"

"You're obviously not"

She wouldn't face me, it's like she was hiding something

I walked over and crouched down next to her

"Look I'm so sorry I snapped at you I just felt a little embarrassed because"

"Because we heard that you thought I was"

"Beautiful yea" I interrupted

"I still think that, and I should have guessed that two fans left alone in the same buildings would obviously go snooping. I would if blink 182 were in the same building"

She turned round to face me, her make up had run but even then she was still beautiful

"We're sorry for snooping"

"Honestly it's fine, like I said I'm sorry for snapping at you"

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