Anything could happen

Anything could happen, you just never know until you take a chance and trust your heart


1. Like a dream

From ypov

Ok so I'm one of those types of people who spend endless hours behind my phone glued to twitter waiting for a member of 5sos to tweet, some call it sad I call it dedication. I'm really just waiting for Luke to tweet something. He is and will always be my sunshine, the first time I looked into those blue eyes and saw his beautiful smile his cute dimples and perfect hair I fell. I fell harder for him than I had anyone else and it made my heart ache at the fact he would never know who I am yet he's my world. At least in a couple of hours I'll get to see him even if it is from afar.

"Hey soph does it ever get you down at the fact you love them and they probably don't remember your name by the end of the day?"

"Never really though about it to be honest (y/n) but I guess yea"

We both sat in silence for a couple of minutes and thought to ourselves

*Sighs* "well oh well guess that's how it will be" I said as I leaned my head back onto the cold metal gate that stood between us and the arena really it was just standing between me and 5sos.

"What are you sighing about?" Asked a voice inquisitively

I tilted my head back further to see who was speaking to us on the other side of the gate. Stood there looking curiously at us was a lad dressed all in black and the shades on his face made it hard to even see any of it.

"Um we were just saying about how 5sos are our world but the probably wouldn't remember our names"

"Oh" he paused bluntly "I'm pretty sure 5sos would remember beautiful faces like yours"

Me and soph looked at each other and started to giggle

"Aw thankyou haha that's so sweet" I said blushing

"Hey so um do you guys want to come inside the arena for a bit, it's kind of cold out here"

Was he kidding? Omg what go inside the arena? Where 5sos are do you even need to ask me?

"Um yes yea sure we'd love to" I said trying not to sound to over excited although I don't think it worked, the lad just looked and laughed a little. I think he knew how excited I really was but that didn't matter.

"So just sit in here for a second and make yourselves comfortable while I just do something"

"Ok sure" I think he heard me but he seemed excited or something and closed the door quickly.

"Don't you think he's a bit weird" soph whispered

"Kind of but it's super sweet of him to let us inside"

We both burst out laughing

"Where do you suppose 5sos are?

I said openly as I looked around the room

"Not a clue" soph retorted "want to go look? She looked at me as if waiting for approval on the idea

"Well he said stay in here didn't he?"

"I don't think so he just said make yourselves comfortable, we can make ourselves comfortable somewhere else"

I knew this was a bad idea but, 5sos!



"Ok ok but we have to be quiet I'm not getting thrown out of here because of your crazy ideas"

I opened the door a slight bit so see if that lad was where

"Coasts clear come on"

We both slipped out of the room and down the corridors

It looks exactly like those movies about stars lives, back scene moments before they go on stage except this is a thousand times better!

"Hey do you hear that?"

We both stopped

"Shit!" I whispered


Foot steps got closer and closer

"Quick in here soph"

Honestly I've never felt so scared in my life although I don't know why, I mean that guy let us in but we weren't ment to be snooping I guess.

"Hey look" soph tapped on my shoulder

OMG ! 5sos!

While snooping we'd wandered down to the VIP section, where all the people who can actually afford to get the package deal go

"Ashton quit sticking tape on everyone you're meant to put the tape on your drums not Michaels hair" cal said while laughing and pulling tape off his trousers

"Hey the tape goes where the tape wants to go" ashton giggled

"Has Luke finished with letting a couple of fans in?"

"Why not ask him Michael, look here he comes"

No way I was finally going to see Luke! Ok not under the best circumstances me and soph are squatting behind chairs so they can't see us

"So Luke which couple of fans did you choose to meet us"

It was luke? The guy in black was Luke?

"Oh these two beautiful girls they were saying how we probably wouldn't remember them, although I don't think I could forget her beautiful face" he said as he stared off into the distance

"Which one?" They all asked inquisitively

"From the part of their conversation I heard I think the other girl called her (y/n) she's so beautiful"

A huge grin grew over my face

"Luke Robert hemmings thinks I'm beautiful"

I let out a little scream, then probably the worst thing I could have done. I fell over knocking crates of water which of course made a huge noise

"Who's there" Luke shouted into his microphone

Me and soph looked at each other.

"Um hey" I said while both me and soph stood up slowly

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