Be My Bad Boy

Your parents kicked you out of their house. You're left on the street, no job, no food, no money. One day, when you're on the street One Direction passes you and sees what you've endured. They give you the opportunity to stay at their house. You're a huge fan of them, so you say okay. After a year you slowly fall in love with one of the members. At the same time, you're dating some one else. What do you do? Be with the bad boy or, stay with your boyfriend?


3. Sorry Zayn...

I woke up and heard talking. I went downstairs and saw the boys talking in the living room. I walked in and said "That bed, it's so, it's so, comfortable!". Niall looked at me and nodded "It is isn't it?" said Louis with a grin. Liam said "Since everyone is up, why don't I make pancakes?". I looked at him and said "That'd be good". Liam got up and went to the kitchen Harry asked me "Hey, not trying to be rude or anything but, are you single?". I said with a bored tone "Yes." Louis said "Who's the lucky man?". "A man named Nate...." I replied, Zayn looked at his feet and said quietly "Oh". I told the boys "I told Nate that I would meet him at the park in an hour, can you guys drive me?". Zayn said "Don't you have a car?", I said "No, I would use my parents car...". "I'll drive you" Liam replied with a grin. An hour of getting ready passed and I yelled from upstairs "I'm ready to go!". Liam yelled back "Okay let me get my keys!" I yelled back "Alright! I'll go get shoes!". I was running down the stairs until I fell (I had high heels on...). I got up then Liam came in the room and said "Are you, okay?". I rubbing my head I said "Yep, lets go.", after driving for a while Liam and I made it the park. I saw Jacob sitting alone on a bench, I jumped out of the car, ran to Jacob and hugged him. Liam drove off while waving.  I walked around with Jacob talking about life. He then asked me "Who were you driving with?". I said "A friend...", he said to me "Oh". After a while I checked my phone and realized how late it was, I kissed Jacob and said "I should be leaving", Jacob then said "Good idea". He walked to his house I called Liam to pick me up.

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