Be My Bad Boy

Your parents kicked you out of their house. You're left on the street, no job, no food, no money. One day, when you're on the street One Direction passes you and sees what you've endured. They give you the opportunity to stay at their house. You're a huge fan of them, so you say okay. After a year you slowly fall in love with one of the members. At the same time, you're dating some one else. What do you do? Be with the bad boy or, stay with your boyfriend?


2. New House

As I walked with them, I just realized something, the boys were One Direction! A bunch of girls came out of nowhere and screamed. After awhile of autographs, we went home. I then said with a cringe "I didn't pack clothes and I don't have money...". One of the boys said with a grin "Perfectly fine, we can buy you some clothes!". I said "Really?" then one of them said "Sure!". We made it to their house, it was HUGE. One of them said "Want a tour of our casa?". I said "Si" all of us laughed. One of them said "Wait, we didn't even introduce ourselves!". One of them said "I'm Harry." Then another one said, "And I'm Liam!", then ANOTHER one said, "I'm Zayn!". ANOTHER one said, "And I'm Niall!". Then ANOTHER one said "And I'm Jennifer. Just kidding, I'm Louis.". I said "I'm Rumor!". Louis said jokingly, "Rumor has it...". Then, we all laughed. We walked inside the house which seemed bigger on the inside. Zayn showed me the bedrooms, there was a guest room, but was rarely used. Zayn told me, "You can design your room anyway you want!". I said "Well, do you have One Direction stickers?", he replied "Tons...". We both laughed, I then asked "So anyway I want?". "Yep" Zayn then told me with a laugh. I looked at my watch, the time? 9:34. I gasped then Zayn asked me "What?". I showed him my watch, he said "It's only nine-thirty...". I said "it's almost 10:00..." "And?" he asked me confused. "Never mind.." I said. he said "Okay then...?", I started moving things around in my room. Hours passed by, it was then midnight. I went to go get the boys and tell them that I'm going to bed. I found them in the living room and I told them with a smile "I'm going to bed...". All at the same time they replied back "Goodnight". Zayn looked at me and smiled.


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