Be My Bad Boy

Your parents kicked you out of their house. You're left on the street, no job, no food, no money. One day, when you're on the street One Direction passes you and sees what you've endured. They give you the opportunity to stay at their house. You're a huge fan of them, so you say okay. After a year you slowly fall in love with one of the members. At the same time, you're dating some one else. What do you do? Be with the bad boy or, stay with your boyfriend?


1. Wow mom, you must love me!

Rumor's POV

I came home from graduation with my parents I went to a very short college. I hung around my house for five hours. I was cleaning the dishes when my mom came into the room with an unhappy face. I asked worried "You okay mom?". She said "Honey, I love you, I do, but you should find a place to live, you know, without us.". I shrieked "No way! I love this house!". My mom said with an angry tone "It wasn't an option, you can stay tonight but you should go job hunting.", "But mom, I'm too young to move out!" I replied. "You're nineteen." my mom snapped back. I said "That seems young to me..." "You're practically an adult." my mom snapped again. "Fine" I said with a groan. My dad walked in and asked "Did you tell her?". My mom replied "Yes". "Why don't I just fucking move out now since you want me out so bad!?" I said angrily at my parents. My dad snapped at me, "Don't use that tone at me!". I walked out of the house. My parents locked the door, and I went to the sidewalk. I was sitting on the sidewalk until I realized, I didn't get clothes. I told myself, "They'll comeback!". After at least 4 hours a group of 5 boys walked by me and asked, "Are you okay?". I said with an unhappy tone "Yeah, I'm fine I was just kicked out of my parents house. Well actually I was kicked out hours ago...". They talked to each other until on of them said happily "Want to stay at our house?". I asked excitedly "How long can I stay?!", the same one that asked for me to stay said "As long as you'd like!". I was so happy and I said "I'd love to stay at your house!".  

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