When student Karen Beyer meets Joe Sugg they fall in love. They decite to keep it a secret from the fans. It all goes well until Karen and Alfie Deyes get taken and their families need to pay 10 million pounds to set them free. Karen gets very close with Alfie while being taken. According to Zoe, Joe and the fans a little to close...


2. The boy next door.

I'm trying to relax and play it cool. But it's kind of hard to ignore the fact that I have my favorite youtuber his number. Daphne told me to chill down and not call him right away. It could be a prank from someone from the store or something. I would look really desperate if I called him right away. But tonight is the night. I've been waiting two days for it and tonight I'm going to call him.

Nervously I sit through my last class (biology) while Daphne tells me for the thousands time not to get my hopes up. 'I won't. stop worrying.' 'I'm not worried about anything, I just don't want you to get your ho....'
'I get it, okay.' I know she means it well, but I can't take it if people try to take a happy moment away from me. It doesn't matter if they mean it well.
When the bell rings I litterly jump of my chair. 'Let's go home!' 
'Okay, relax!' Daphne laughs when I take her hand and pull her from the classroom to the car. 'I'll drive.' Believe me, you don't want Daphne to drive. She has a lot of talents, but driving is not one of them.
A couple of minutes later we arrive at our small appartement in the middle of London. We moved here from Holland after we finished high school.
'So, what time was I allowed to call him again?' 'After eight.'Daphne says. 'But that's like four more hours!' Daphne looks at me with her "I'm sorry" face and I can't help myself from throwing a pillow at her.
'Don't worry. It will be eight before you know it. I'll pick a film and we'll order some pizza.'
'Fine. I'm going to the badroom.' I just thought of the perfect plan. I'll just call Joe when I'm in the bathroom and tell him that I'll call him later again. And if it isn't Joe, I'll just call a random different number when I'm with Daphne. She'll think its's a joke, the end. I'll tell her in a couple of days.
I lock the bathroom door and sit down on the toilet seat. I search for Joe's number. Got it. I click on it and I can hear the phone ring on the other side. I can't think. I can't breath. It seems to take hours before he picks up.
'Hello?' It's his voice. It's not a prank. 'Hellooow?' It's really him. 'If this is a prank, it's not funny.' Maybe I should say something. My voice doesn't sound like mine when I answer. 'It's not a prank. It's Karen.' When he doesn't response I start to worry. ''From the meet-up, remember? You spilled water over my phone and got me....'
'Ofcourse I remember. I just didn't thought you were going to call.' You see, I shouldn't have waited for so long. 'Yeah, I'm sorry I didn't call you right away. I was afraid it was a prank from someone at the store.'
I hear someone scream from Joes side. It sounds sort of familiar. 'Hang on a minute. Caspar? What did you do?'
'Nothing, who are you talking with?'
'Karen.' Now I can hear Caspar running towards Joe. 'Is it on loudspeaker?' 'Yeah, why?'

'Hii Karen!'I know where I reconised his voice from. It's Caspar Lee, Joes room mate.
'What are you doing?'

'Just chilling, watching a movie.'

'You live in London, right?' How does he know that?
'Yes, I do.'

'We thought we saw you walking in our building the other day. Do you live in appartment 1D?'


'Okay.' And he was gone. What did he ment 'in our building'. How does he knows that I live in appartment 1D? Unless. We have only lived here for 6 days. Is it possible that we just haven't seen them yet? I don't have a lot of time to think. Cause a couple of minutes later I hear the sound of the doorbell. ''Karen, could you come up please? We have visiters.'
'I'm coming.' I take a look in our small badroom mirror. It's the only thing I took from home. And even though we both think it's the most ugly mirror we've ever seen, we kept it. For all the memories of home.
My hair looks awefull. It's like it has his own will, whenever I need it to look good, it just doesn't. I take a brush and try to fix it a little. But I find out quick enough that I'm only making it worse, so I just put the brush away again. 'Come on Karen,' I whisper to myself. 'You can do this.'
I flush the toilet to make my act a bit more realistic and walk up the stairs to the living room.
'Hey Karen.' Joe walks up to me and gives me a hug. 'How are you.'
'I'm great.' I'm a little bit overwhelmed by the hug. I only hug my parents. And Daphne.
'This is Caspar, my roommate.' I shake Caspars hand, say that the guys can take a seat on our sofa and walk to the kitchen to get some drinks. Daphne follows me and starts to whisper in my ear.
'You called him when you were in the bathroom, didn't you?'
I give her my ''I'm sorry'' face, but actually I'm not sorry at all. She kept pushing me to not call him. I could have been chilling with him days ago, but Daphne wouldn't let me.
Th doorbell rings again and Daphne almost runs towards it. 'Pizza!. I hope it's enough for 4 persons though.'
'Don't worry about it Daph, we can always make some snacks if it isn't enough.' She takes the pizza and starts the film (Love actually).
'So you guys also live in this appartment?'
'Yes,' Capar answers. 1C. So we're neighbours.' Neighbours? This could be aswell a blessing as a curse.
We don't really pay attention to the film. We talk about Holland, why we came to England, their youtube, Daphnes youtube and about our lives. When it's 12 o'clock the boys go home. I take them to the door. Caspar says goodbye and walks home. Then it's just me and Joe at the door.
'I had a fun night.' He says, his blue eyes looking in mine. 'We should do it again some time.'
'Yeah we should.'
'Tomorrow I'm going in town to get some clothes and stuff. Do you want to join me?'

'Sure.' I say. I can't stop smiling. My eyes captured in his. 'I should go.' And then he kisses me on the cheak. I didn't exspect it at all. The spot were he kissed me starts burning. Not like a painfull burn but a good one. Then he walks away. When he arrives at his door, he turnes aroud one more time. 'Goodnight.'

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