When student Karen Beyer meets Joe Sugg they fall in love. They decite to keep it a secret from the fans. It all goes well until Karen and Alfie Deyes get taken and their families need to pay 10 million pounds to set them free. Karen gets very close with Alfie while being taken. According to Zoe, Joe and the fans a little to close...


1. Pilot

I get nervous when I see there are only ten girls in front of us. My best friend Daphne and I have been fantasising about this moment for months. We imagined that one of the guys saw us and fell in love. Just an everyday fangirl dream. But I know it's never going to happen. Not while I'm with Daphne. She is so pretty with her long wavy dark Brown hair, dark mysterious eyes, perfect style and her cute freckles. Guys don't look at me when I'm with her.

'Aww, Anouk and David broke up.' Daphne says while putting away her phone. That must be the reason she was on the phone for half an hour.

'Why? They seemed so happy together.' Daphne shrugs. 'I never got why they were dating in the first place. David smokes, is always drunk, does drugs and is just so wild. I mean, Anouk loves to party but she's not like that.' She starts to text and that gives me te chance to count the people in line again. There are only seven people in front of us. I can already see Zoë's hair.

'Do you think they will wait for us?' We are the last one in line and I'm scared they might stop the meet up before we have the change to meet them. 'Ofcourse they will. Stop with stressing Karen.' She's so nice.

After a couple of minutes I'm able to see Joe, Zoë and Marcus. The nerves are really kicking in now. They are taking a picture with some little girl, who seems just as nervous as I am. When they are done with the picture, Joe gives the girl one last hug and than I realize it's the turn from the girl in front of us. I look at Daphne and she gives me a nervous smile. After that I feel that she takes my hand. When I look back at youtubers, I see a flash of the brightest blue. Did I see it well? I really thought I saw Joe looking at me.

Nervously I stroke the hair out of my face. Now It's Daphne's turn. She laughs nervously when Marcus puts his arm around her for the picture. Like every picture she's in, she looks perfect.

'Is that your friend?' Marcus asks with his deep slow voice while pointing at me. Daphne nodds and Marcus says I can join them.

'So you guys are lucky you are the last ones. We normally spent more time with them.' I try to laugh but the nerves are taking over my body. Zoë gives me a hug and I feel that she is trying to make me feel more comfortable. But it doesn't help. After that Marcus hugs me, Joe joins us and also pulls Zoë and Daphne in. 'Grouphug!' He's so silly. When we quite the hug, I still feel an arm around my waist. When I look next to me, Joe gives me a big smile. I try to smile back but the hand on my hip destracts me. Does he do that with all of his fans or is it just me?

'So how has your day been?' Daphne asks Marcus to break the ice. 'Just like every signing. Busy, hot, heavy but worth it and fun.' Marcus answers while taking the water bottles from the table. 'You girls want some?' I thankfully nodd and take one of the bottles. We have been here for hours and I haven't drunk a lot.

'So when did you girls start watching our YouTube?' 'Well Daphne has her own beauty channel and her rolemodel was Zoë. So I started watching her too and yeah that's pretty much my story.' Zoë nodds and turn towards Daphne. 'So what's your channel?' Daphne takes out her phone and shows them her channel. Her most recent video is a make-up tutorial. She shows it to the youtubers, with a smile on her face.

During the video, I hear Marcus laughing behind my back. First I don't get it, until I see Daphne's shirt in the video is see through and she is not wearing a bra. When Marcus starts laughing really loud, Joe caps his waterbottle and throws some water towards him. But Marcus dives away just in time. And the water hits me and my phone.

'Omg I'm so sorry! Are you okay?' 'I think so.' I try to smile but I'm a bit ashamed. There I am, standing with the people I have wanted to meet for years, totally wet. I feel that my mascara is coming off and I am to scared to see if my phone is still working. 'What about your phone?' I take a deep breath and try to put it on. After I couple of minutes I realize it's not going to work. 'It's death.'

Zoë beats Joes arm, 'You're such a dickhead.' I try to laugh but I can't. I can't afford a new phone.

Like he read my mind, Joe pulls my head up and looks in my eyes while saying, 'Don't worry, I'm going to get it fixed. And I'll pay, cause it was my fault.' I smile through my tears.

Not a long time after that Daphne and I are waiting at Starbucks. Joe is standing accross the street in the iPhone store. 'Marcus is even cuter in real life.' Daphne is checking herself in her little mirror. I can see Joe walking towards us. 'I've got good news and bad news. The bad new is, they can't fix your phone. It's death and you can have a new one, it falls under your insurance. But they don't have an IPhone 4s at the moment so you'll have to wait a couple of weeks.' Damn. 'The good news, with some extra cash they'll give you a 5s.' 'I don't have a lot of cash.'

'I already told you, It was my fault so I'll pay.' Slowly I take the phone from him, scared that he is going to say it's just a joke. But he doesn't. 'Thank you.' Before Joe can say anything back, Marcus walks up to us. 'The taxi is here. We have to go now.' Joe gives me one last kiss on the cheek and then he's gone.

When I get home I realize i've been acting stupid all day. They are probebly this nice to everybody.

After dinner I decite to call my brother, I haven't done that in a while. I scearch for the "J" in my contacts, so I can find "Jasper." When I'm at the "J", I notice something. Not far under "Jasper" there's a contact named "Joseph". I touch it and the contact information appears.

"Joseph Sugg"

"His number"

"Please call me. X Joe"

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