Niall realizes he likes Harry. He thinks he can confide in one of the lads, but what happens when Harry finds out?


12. Chapter Twelve

"Should we wake him?"
"He's been sleeping forever..."
"Shut the fuck up." I mumbled, tossing my pillow in their direction.
"Niall, get up."
I sat up, staring at Harry, until my eyes saw a black object. I scrambled to the back of my bed, holding my knees to my chest, shaking.
"Don't kill me..." I muttered over and over again, eyes wide.
Harry reached down, taking the black object out of his pocket. I screamed, hiding my face in my legs.
"Niall..." Harry said. "Calm down... It's just my phone."
Slowly, I lifted my head, seeing his phone on my bed, nothing in his pocket.
"Niall, what happened last night? You said you'd be fine..."
"You took the gun out of your pocket, like before, and I screamed for Liam to help me. He stabbed me in the back, through my heart, and he was smirking."
"How did you end up at the park?"
"After I woke up, I took a walk. I ended up falling asleep at the tree."
"Did you have another nightmare?"
I nodded. "You were there, and so was Liam. I grabbed your gun, and his knife, before either of you could kill me--"
"That's good."
"I ended up killing myself."
"I took your gun, put it to my head, smiled, and boom. I woke up to a frantic Harry. Why were you so frantic?"
"You were missing since last night. Liam was the first one back. He called all of us home after he couldn't find you. Zayn found your phone on the counter, and got worried. Louis said we should sleep, that you'd be back by morning." A few tears fell from Harrys face.
"When you weren't," Liam continued, "Harry started freaking out. Started crying, even. Then we found you."
"...So you guys had to leave your dates because of me?"
Great. I did something else wrong. First, waking them up by screaming during the night. Now this.
"Don't be so hard on yourself, mate. We'd leave anything for you."
"What time is it?"
"Four in the afternoon. Why?"
"I'm going shopping."
I hopped out of bed, walking downstairs, to the store.

I stood in the check out line, waiting. I made sure to get a bunch of carrots for Louis, and a bunch of everyone elses favorite things. As they packed the things into bags, I made sure they had it separated for each of the boys.

I walked through the door of the house, dropping Louis' bag of carrots on him, doing the same to the rest of the lads with their bags.
"How much did this all cost?" Liam asked.
"Not telling. It's the least I could do for being the worst band mate ever."
Harry walked over, wrapping his arms around my waist from behind, his head on my shoulder. "You're not the worst mate ever." He whispered. "You're the best."
"Since I had to cancel my date with Perrie, we rescheduled for tonight." Zayn said.
Everyone agreed and I groaned.
"I'm sorry, lads."
Harry tightened his hold around me, bringing me closer. My bum grazed against his dick, and he softly moaned in my ear, causing shivers to go down my spine.
"Someone should stay with Niall." Liam offered.
"I'll be fine. Go on your dates."
"That's what you said yesterday."
"I won't fall asleep."
They shrugged, walking out the door.
"Let go. You have a date with Swift."
He sighed, letting go. "I guess" He walked out. Why'd he sound disappointed?

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