Niall realizes he likes Harry. He thinks he can confide in one of the lads, but what happens when Harry finds out?


3. Chapter Three

"Should we wake him up?"
"He looks so comfortable though..."
"And cute."
I blushed, hearing chuckles coming from the guys.
"I'll just carry him." Liam said. Two arms wrapped around me, picking me up. "He feels lighter than usual."
That's because I stopped eating. Once everyone, except me, started dating, I was already thinking there was something wrong with me. A tear rolled down my cheek, and someone wiped it away.
"Why has he been crying?" Harry asked.
"That's not my place to say." Liam responded.
I cuddled closer to him, eyes still closed. Liam sat down, so I figure we're inside.
"Liam, I was thinking of proposing to Taylor."
"What?!" My eyes snapped open, sitting up and staring at Harry.
Liam hugged me closer, his arms around my waist.
"Yeah, I was thinking of proposing. Should I not?"
He wants to marry her. He loves her. He'll never love someone like me.
"Why are you crying?"
I wiped my tears away. "I'm happy for you." I got up, walking into the kitchen. I sat on the counter, staring at a knife next to me.
"Niall James Horan, don't you dare pick up that knife."
I turned around, seeing Liam. "Don't worry. I wasn't going to do anything."
He walked over, between my legs, up close. "Have you not been eating?"
I shook my head. "There must be a reason no one likes me! Either I'm fat, or I'm ugly!"
"You're not fat, nor ugly! Don't starve yourself!"
"Then why won't any guy like me?!"
"You're gay?"
I turned around, seeing Harry. Fuck.
"Uh... Yeah..."
"And Liam knows?"
"Why didn't you tell me first?! Recently, it's always been Liam! Liam this, Liam that. When do you need Harry?!" He screamed.
"Harry, don't yell at him."
I sighed. "You wouldn't understand, Ha--"
"Does he know who you love?"
"God damn it Niall! Why won't you come to me for anything anymore?!"
"Because you're too busy fucking someone!"
My eyes widened, my hands clamping over my mouth. Oh no.
"I'm gonna be sick." I hopped off the counter, dashing past Liam and Harry, up to the bathroom. Closing and locking the door, I sat in the corner.
"Niall, open up."
I reached over, unlocking the bathroom door. Liam walked in, Harry following close behind. Crawling over to the toilet, I opened it up, emptying whatever was in my stomach into it. I leaned in the corner of the room again, wiping my mouth, everything becoming a blur.
"Liam... He's turning white... Do something..." My eyes closed as I fell to my side. "Liam, call 911!" Someone kneeled next to me, holding me close to them. "Nialler... Please stay with us."
A tear escaped my eyes as I pictured Harry and Taylor on their wedding day.
"Goodnight, Harold." I replied weakly, letting the darkness engulf me.

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