Niall realizes he likes Harry. He thinks he can confide in one of the lads, but what happens when Harry finds out?


10. Chapter Ten

"Harry, this was a wonderful date." I smiled, my hand in his.
"It was. Too bad it has to end."
"What?" I turned towards him, seeing him holding a gun, pointing it at me. "Harry..." I said, shakily.
"No one will miss you. I paid the boys to be nice to you. No one likes you. You really though you had a chance with me?"
I screamed as he pulled the trigger, the bullet going straight through my heart as everything went black.

I shot up in my bed, covered in sweat. My door swung open, four boys standing there on alert. Even Zayn was wide awake. Liam walked over, sitting next to me and holding me tightly.
"What happened?" He asked.
My eyes slowly drifted towards Harry as I shakily pointed to him. "K-killed me..."
"What? Harry killed you?"
"Sh-shot... Bullet... Heart... Dead."
By now, I was massively shaking in Liams arms, the nightmare replaying in my head. Zayn walked over, sitting next to me.
"Sorry I woke you all... Especially you, Zayn. I know you hate getting up."
"I'd get up at any time for you, Niall." He said, hugging me.
Harry just stood there, pale as ever. "I-I killed you...?"
I nodded. "We were walking and you took out a gun and pointed it at me and... and..."
"Niall, calm down. You're shaking the whole bed." Liam whispered.
"You said no one cared about me, that you paid the lads to be nice to me, that no one likes me."
"Niall, I would never say anything like that. Especially to you. We all care about you, and I'm not paying them to be nice."
"Niall, we all love you. We'd never want anyone else except you." Liam said.
I sighed. "I really am sorry for waking all of you up."
"It's alright. Do you want someone to sleep with you the rest of the night?"
I shook my head. "I'll stay up the rest of the night. Everyone go back to bed. I have a plan for tomorrow."
Everyone sighed. "Goodnight, Niall." They all walked away, into their separate rooms.

As I flicked throughout the channels, I noticed the time. Seven am. I should do something to make up for waking them up at night. I got up, walking to the kitchen, getting ready to make pancakes.

As I put the last batch of pancakes in a plate, I heard feet walking down the stairs. I looked up, smiling at Liam. Liam looked at me, the pancakes, then me again.
Three pairs of feet trudged downstairs, into the kitchen.
"Liam, you made breakfast!" Harry smiled.
"Niall did."
Four pairs of eyes were on me.
"To apologize for waking you up in the mornin." I said. "Now come on. I haven't had one yet, so I don't know how they taste."
"He made breakfast, and didn't eat it all?" Harry gaped.
"Shut up, sit down, and eat." I growled.
They all sat down, taking bites, moaning in pleasure.
They looked at me, confused.
"Four guys just moaned in front of a gay guy."
They burst out laughing.
"Finish your food. I have something planned."

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