Niall realizes he likes Harry. He thinks he can confide in one of the lads, but what happens when Harry finds out?


6. Chapter Six

"Zayn, can I stay at your place? Or do you not want a fa--"
"Niall, you're not a fag. You're Niall. Our best friend, no matter what. And yes, you can stay." Zayn said.
"Thank you."
"I'm sorry about Harry." Louis said.
"It's alright. I just have to get over him."
"He's straight, and going to propose to Taylor."
Zayn handed me the key to his flat and I softly smiled. "Liam, I'll be here Friday at noon, got it?"
He smiled, nodding. I grabbed my suitcase, walking downstairs, past Harry.
"Niall, wait."
I turned to look at him. "Gonna call me more names? Start a fight? Gonna--"
"I'm sorry."
"Bullshit. I'd rather have the drunk Harry who accepted me for who I am, instead of the sober Harold who thinks that just because I like guys, that I'm a completely different person!"
I stomped out, to Zayns flat, unlocking the door and going to the guest room, tossing my bag on the bed. Taking out my phone, I noticed five missed calls from Harry. Whatever.

I walked towards Liams flat, knocking on the door. It's been two days since I last saw everyone. The door opened, showing a tired Harry with red and puffy eyes. His eyes connected with mine, widening.
"Niall!" He screamed, wrapping his arms around me tightly.
Of course, I just stood there. Someone cleared their throat behind Harry, pushing him aside.
"LiLi!" I screamed, smiling.
I hopped, hugging him tightly, my legs around his waist.
"Niall!" Louis and Zayn shouted.
"Guys, you saw me two days ago."
"Maybe, but the fridge is still full, and we haven't needed to shop everyday for food, and Harry's been complaining."
"Isn't that a good thing that you haven't had to spend money? Wait, Harry's been complaining? About what? His punching bag not being around?" I snarled, my legs still around Liams waist.
"I missed you..." Harry whispered.
I hopped off Liam, grabbing Harrys hand and pulling him to the guest room. I let go of his hand, sitting on the bed. He closed and locked the door, walking closer and closer. Oh no... My eyes widened as I scooted back until I hit the wall behind the bed, shaking. He's going to kill me. I walked right into his trap. He crawled on the bed, crawling closer and closer until I screamed.
"Niall!" Liam screamed as I heard footsteps getting closer.
"He's going to kill me!" I screeched, shaking more.
"What?" Harry asked, sitting in front of me. "Niall, I would never do that. I just wanted a hug."
"Why is the bloody door locked?!" Liam shouted from the other side.
"I locked it." Harry said.
"I swear, if you do anything--"
"Don't worry, LiLi." I said, not taking my eyes off Harry, still shaking. "It's fine."
Harry stared at me and it got silent.
"Why are you being nice?" I asked.
"I was just shocked when you said that. I'm sorry. When I'm drunk, I become one of those people who tell the truth."
"I should get you drunk more often." I smiled.
He chuckled. "Oh hush."
"Harry... I... I need to tell you something."

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