Niall realizes he likes Harry. He thinks he can confide in one of the lads, but what happens when Harry finds out?


17. Chapter Seventeen

"Harry, you son of a bitch." I giggled.
He had me pinned on my bed.
"But I'm your son of a bitch."
I laughed, pecking his cheeks. "C'mon babe, I wanna sleep."
He smiled, rolling next to me, pulling me close. "Then go to sleep."
"Son of a bitch." I pecked his lips again, closing my eyes, drifting off to sleep.

"Harry, this was a wonderful date." I smiled, my hand in his.
Wait, why is this dream happening again? I'm happy, not dying inside anymore. Instantly I let go, frozen.
"Babe, what's wrong?"
"You're going to kill me."
"What? That sounds like something Ni--"
"Are we having the same dream?" I asked.
"...I think we are. Wait, so that's how your nightmares always begin?"
"Wake up." I said. "I wanna see something."

I opened my eyes, staring at Harry, who was staring back at me.
"That's how your nightmares would begin? We'd be on a date and I killed you?" He asked, his voice cracking.
"We did have the same dream..."
"Answer me."
"Yes." I squeaked.
He cuddled me closer, sighing. "Go back to sleep. I promise I won't kill you."
I closed my eyes, sighing.

I looked up, seeing a sweaty Harry, our clothes off. We stared at each other, before cracking up.
"Okay, who's dreaming about sex?" I asked, laughing more.
"You are. I was waiting for you and we ended up like this."
"So whenever one of us has a wet dream about the other--"
"--We would remember it and it's actually us."
This could actually prove a point. Yes, I'm still doubting him.
"Wanna continue what was started?" I smirked.
His eyes bulged. "Are you sure?"

~A/N: Inappropriate actions, do not read if younger than 17, or if you're innocent in the mind~

He stared at me, biting his lip. I nodded, smiling reassuringly. Slowly, he slid himself into my entrance, making me groan.
"Does it hurt? I'll st--"
"No, keep going."
Slow as ever, he slid himself in until he was completely in.
"Fuck you're tight." He moaned.
"You're big... And I'm a virgin."
"Come on, big guy. Make me moan." I smirked.
"Oh god you should speak like that more often."
He slid himself in and out, making both of us groan in pleasure. I sat up, latching onto his neck. Kissing around, I found his sweet spot, biting down. He moaned, thrusting in, hitting my spot. I moaned loud, biting harder.
"Niall... I'm gonna..."
He grabbed my dick hard, pumping me in rhythm of his thrusts.
"Harry..." I moaned.
"Fuck Niall..."
He cummed inside me, pumping me one last time before I cummed over his stomach. He slowly slid out, staring at his cum-covered stomach. I smirked, leaning down, licking it off.

~A/N: You may keep reading if you skipped.~

I opened my eyes, staring at Harrys.
"Best sex ever." He chuckled.
"You have a hickey." I smirked.
He got up, walking to a mirror. "Well son of a bitch. I do."
"Thanks to me." I smirked more.
He smirked back, walking over. He leaned down, slowly and gently kissing me.

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