Niall realizes he likes Harry. He thinks he can confide in one of the lads, but what happens when Harry finds out?


7. Chapter Seven

"And when I'm all done, don't yell at me." I bit my lip.
"I've loved you since I saw you on X-Factor. When we got put into a band together, I was ecstatic. Then you started bringing girls back, sleeping with them. My heart has been broken so many times that there's billions of pieces. I cried when you said you were going to propose to Taylor because that's when it actually hit me that you would never be mine. It's also why I've been ignoring you. Yes, I love you, but I don't want to ruin the band because of it. So, just forget that I ever said I was gay." I sighed.
I stuck my hand out, and he shook it. I let go, getting up and unlocking the door, opening it, only to be squished by Liam in a hug.
"He didn't hurt you, right?"
"Liam, I'm fine. Let's just go."
"You're going somewhere? Can I come?"
I turned towards Harry and frowned. "Sorry, Liam and I planned it just for the two of us..."
Harry frowned. "Oh... Okay."
"Well, you can invite Taylor over. You're been wanting to propose to her." I fake smiled, walking out.

"Are you sure he didn't hurt you?" Liam asked, eating some of his food.
"He didn't hurt me. I just said to forget I ever told him that I'm gay."
"But what if they do get married?"
"Then I'll just put up with it."
"But that won't happen."
I looked over, seeing Harry. "What?"
"Niall, I can't forget what you said."
"Great, you'll tell me to leave the band." I muttered.
"What? No. I just realized... I think I'm bi. And I think I like you."
I stared at him. "Okay and?"
"I tell you that and you act like it's nothing?!"
"For all I know, you could just be thinking that because you feel bad for me! What if we dated and you broke it apart because you realized it was just a thought?! I can only handle so many heartbreaks, Harry!"
He stared at me. "I'll prove it to you." He walked away, hands clenched.
"Wow." Liam said.
I chuckled, a few tears falling.
"Niall..." Liam sighed.
He got up, walking next to me, hugging me tightly. "I think Harry was telling the truth..."
"Whose side are you on, Liam?!"
"Yours! But his eyes said he was telling the truth!"
"It sounds like you're on his team."
I got up, walking out of Nandos. How could he do this to me?! I thought I could trust him!
"Niall, wait!"
"No! I'm through with people breaking my trust!"
I ran to Zayns place, to my room, closing and locking the door.
"Niall! Open this door!" Zayn screamed.
"No! I can't... won't let anyone in! I'm done! I can't take it anymore!"
"I'm going to knock this door down if I have to!"
"Good lu--"
Before I could finish, the door was on the ground, Zayn standing with a red face. I stayed cuddling on my bed, tears falling.
"What happened?"
"I can't trust anyone."
"You can trust me..."
"No! You'll end up like Liam! He fuckin betrayed me for Harry! If I trusted him the most, and he betrayed me, how am I supposed to trust anyone else?!"

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