Niall realizes he likes Harry. He thinks he can confide in one of the lads, but what happens when Harry finds out?


9. Chapter Nine

We just got home from the interview, and everyone was quiet. I ran to Liam, jumping into his lap and hugging him tightly, which he returned.
"I'm so sorry." I whispered, my head on his chest.
"It's alright..." He whispered back.
I looked over at Zayn, still sitting on Liams lap. "I'll pay you back for the door." I looked back at Liam. "And the food. I'll stop eating so much."
Everyone gasped. "He must be serious if he's talking about cutting back on food."
I lightly smacked Liam, and smiled. "Liam, can we talk?"
"You trust me?"
I hugged him tightly again. "Of course."
He got up, carrying me bridal style to his room, lying me on his bed, him laying next to me.
"Sup?" He asked.
I laughed. "Never say that again."
"Alright. Tell me your problem."
"At the interview, I told Harry I loved him, while we were hugging. He tensed, but hugged me tighter, then let go."
"Then there was the Narry when he stayed attached to you." Liam commented.
"Yeah, that's why I'm confused. Maybe I shouldn't have said anything."
"Niall, can I talk to you?"
I looked at Harry, who was standing in the doorway. "Can Liam stay?"
He nodded. "Listen uh... I got back with Taylor."
Liam wrapped his arm around my waist while I just stared at Harry.
"Well I'm happy for you." I said, my face emotionless, even though I was breaking inside.
"What?" Harry asked. "I thought..."
I started shaking with bottled up emotions. "Look. If you got back together with Swift, I don't care. Actually, I do. But I won't let it show. If you two get married, like you planned, you do that. I'll be in Ireland by then."
"Harry..." Liam said. "I'd advise you to leave." And he did, thankfully.
As soon as Harry left, Liam pulled me into a hug and I sighed.
"I'm not going to cry. I've cried too much over him already. I just need to get over him."
"You're strong, Niall. I know you can do this, and I'll be there to help you whenever you need it."
"You're the bestest friend I could ever ask for, Li."
He smiled, letting go. "Want me to go make you a sandwich?"
"Ye-- No."
"I told you, I'm cutting back on food because of money."
"Last time you 'cut back' on food, you ended up in the hospital. I'm making you some food."
"Fine, but I'm paying the next time we go shopping."
"As long as you eat your food."
He got up, picking me up along the way.
"I can walk, LiLi." I giggled.
"What's your point?" He chuckled, walking downstairs, to the kitchen.
He set me down on a stool at the counter as he started preparing for my sandwich.
"You sure you'll be fine?" He asked.
I nodded, then a thought came to my mind. "Louis! Zayn! Arses over here, now!"
Louis and Zayn scrambled in, eyes wide. "What?!" "Vas happenin?!"
I gave a sheepish smile. "You two are the last to find out everything."
"You two were the last to know I'm gay."
"Gee, thanks."
"And the last to find out I love Harry."
I nodded. "Liam, Harry, now you two."
"He knows?"
"And he's dating Swift again. Maybe he'll propose like he wanted."
They all frowned at me.
"I'm fine." I sighed, taking my sandwich, getting a mouthful, slowly chewing.

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