Niall realizes he likes Harry. He thinks he can confide in one of the lads, but what happens when Harry finds out?


14. Chapter Fourteen

I got up, walking to Liams room.
He shot up from his bed, a worried look on his face. I sat on his lap, sighing. "What happened, Ni?"
"Harry kissed me."
"Then he ran."
"Not so great..."
"Why do I keep doing something wrong?"
"You did nothing wrong."
"Can I say something bad, really quickly?"
"Go ahead."
"His moans are... unf!" I smiled, moaning myself.
"You've heard him moan?"
"Three times. When all of you moaned for my pancakes, and that sounded wrong..." He laughed. "Then I went to grab his phone from his pocket and grabbed his dick, so he moaned."
"Purpose or accident?"
I smirked. "Purpose. He thinks it was an accident."
He rolled his eyes. "Third time?"
"He was hugging me from behind. My bum accidentally grazed his dick and he moaned in my ear."
"Accident or purpose?"
"Accident for me. I don't know about him."
"Then he kissed you after we left?"
I nodded. "Then he left."
"Maybe he's... confused. Weren't you confused at one point?"
I shook my head. "Once I saw Harry naked, I got turned on. Wasn't confused."
"Too much info. Well he's used to being with girls. He's probably just confused."
I sighed. "I guess you're right."
"I'm never leaving you home alone again."
"What about when all of you go on dates again?"
"I'll stay home."
I turned around in Liams lap, seeing Harry.
"How much of that did you hear?"
"You grabbed my dick on purpose."
"Damn... Cover's blown."
He laughed. Wait, laughed?
"Why in hell are you laughing?!"
"You heard me moan. I liked it."
"Hello!" Liam called. "Straight guy sitting here!"
I looked over at Liam, pecking his cheek. "Sorry LiLi." Then a thought hit me. I looked over to an angry looking Harry. "You're not drunk, are you?"
He shook his head. "Completely sober."
"And your clothes are still on?"
He shrugged.
"Someone should change that." I winked.
Liam slapped me upside the head, and I smiled innocently.
"Hey, no slapping my Nialler."
He said "my" again... I softly blushed, hiding my face in Liams shoulder.
"You have Swift." I said, staring at the ground.
"Why do you keep bringing her up?" Harry groaned.
"Oh I don't know, maybe it's because she's your girlfriend ? That you were going to propose to her? That the nightmares happened after she was around?!" They both just stared at me. "I'm going for a walk." I sighed.
"Not by yourself."
"I'm still tempted to quit!" I shouted, closing the door behind me, walking down the sidewalk.

I walked around, my eyes looking ahead. I forgot my phone. Again. When I left, it was noon. Now it's getting dark, so I've been gone about five hours or so. Why do they treat me like the baby of the band? Okay yes, I've been crying a lot lately.. And tried killing myself... But still. I walked to the familiar park, sitting and leaning against the tree. I closed my eyes, slowly drifting into a deep sleep. Maybe a dream will help.

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