Niall realizes he likes Harry. He thinks he can confide in one of the lads, but what happens when Harry finds out?


5. Chapter Five

"Calm down, Ni..."
I cuddled next to Liam on my bed, tears falling for the past hour.
"But Liam... Everything he said was true. What hurts most is that it came from him!"
"Sh... How about... Friday, we go to the movies, Nandos, and the beach, to get your mind off him."
"Sounds like a date." I giggled.
"More like hanging out, but sure."
I laid my head on his chest, softly smiling. "Thank you, Liam. I don't know what I'd do without you. You're the best."
He kissed the top of my head. "I'm glad you trust me so much."
"I'm glad you're not mad."
"For what?"
"Me being gay, loving a bandmate, for being... different."
"Niall, I would never hate you, or be mad, for who you are. If you're gay, I don't care. If you're fucking a unicorn, I don't care."
"Don't you mean 'a fucking unicorn'?"
I laughed. "Well I should go tell the boys."
"Louis and Zayn?"
"I'll come with."
We got up, walking downstairs where the guys were.
"We were wondering what happened to you two." Zayn said.
"Louis, Zayn, we need to talk."
Louis and Zayn looked over at me, putting their serious faces on.
I tok a deep breath. "I'm gay."
"That explains why you're not dating a girl."
"Wait, where's Harry?" I asked.
"Hangover. He was drunk all day yesterday. If you told him, he doesn't remember."
"So I have to tell him again?"
Son of a bitch. I sighed. "Harold Edward Styles, get your arse down here!"
A tired looking Harry came down the stairs, sitting next to Louis.
"What?" He groaned.
"Do you remember anything from yesterday?"
I sighed. "I'm gay."
He got up, walking close to me. "You're a fag?"
Oh no... He lifted his hand and I flinched back, waiting for the contact on my face. But it never came. I looked at Liam, who had Harry tackled to the floor.
"Harold." I started. "You don't remember this but I told you yesterday. You were fine with it. I said that if you weren't, I'd quit. I don't want any tension in the band because of me. Now if you'll excuse me, I'll be packing my things."
I walked upstairs, sitting on my bed and taking my suitcase out from under it. My door opened, three boys entering.
"Hey Louis, Liam, Zayn." I said, sighing shakily as tears fell.
They ran to my side, hugging me the best they could.
"Niall... Don't leave..."
"I have to. I don't want tension in the band, and I don't want the person I love, hating me."
"You fancy Harry?" Louis asked.
I nodded.
"Ew, the fag likes me?"
I looked up, through my tears, seeing a disgusted Harry. When he looked over at me, his eyes softened a bit.
"Harold, get out." I said, shakily.
"You can't tell me what to do."
I got up, walking over to him, wiping some tears away. "Wanna bet?" I swung my arm, punching him in the jaw.
"Niall..." He said, holding his jaw. "You never get mad... Nonetheless use violence."
"I thought my name was 'Fag'." I sneered. "And there's a first for everything."
Liam walked over, pulling me back to the bed, away from Harry. "I'd advise you to get out, Harry, before he does something else." Liam said.
"Got that damn right." I mumbled.
Harry sighed, walking away.

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