Niall realizes he likes Harry. He thinks he can confide in one of the lads, but what happens when Harry finds out?


15. Chapter Fifteen

I opened my eyes, seeing the boys surrounding me. I quirked an eyebrow at them. "Kill or talk?"
"Talk. We'll never try to kill you again."
"How am I supposed to trust you?"
Harry handed me his gun, and Liam handed me his knife.
"Why'd you run?" Harry asked.
"I was on the verge of crying. He-- You-- He--"
"Me." Harry said.
"Yeah. You know how I feel and basically used it against me. Honestly, I'm slowly dying inside... Wait... Dying. Every time you killed me, it was just me slowly dying inside. You're my conscious aren't you?"
"Once in a while, yeah. Sometimes we say what we say outside the dream."
"Niall, wake up."
Harry pointed to Liam. "Like that."
I laughed. "Why should I wake up?"
"It's 2am. You've been gone for over twelve hours."
"You guys must be worried..."
Zayn chuckled. "Harry's at home, crying. Liam's in front of you Louis and I are trying to calm Harry." Harry smacked Zayn.
"Alright. Bye guys."

I opened my eyes, seeing Liam.
"Carry me?"
He rolled his eyes, picking me up and walking back to the house. As he walked in, I saw Harry curled in a ball on the couch, tears running down his cheek from red and puffy eyes.
"Harry..." I croaked. Jeez, how long was I asleep?
Harry look up, his eyes slowly meeting mine. "Niall!" He ran over, picking me up from Liams grip, holding me himself.
"Was I really gone for twelve hours?"
"Fourteen, actually. And you left your phone at home. Again." Liam sighed.
"I just wanted time alone... Kind of."
"Kind of?" Harry asked.
"When I fall asleep, the nightmares come back."
"Are you okay?!" 
"Definitely. They've been helping me."
"Wait, what?"
"After you and Liam stopped killing me, you guys were helping me. I figured something out."
"Every time you killed me, I realized it was just me slowly dying inside. So when I killed myself in my dream, I figured that I broke and was just dead inside. So after that, you guys started helping me. Although once in a while, you guys in my dream would repeat what you actually said. Like when Liam told me to wake up, the Liam in my dream said that."
"...You're crazy."
I smacked Harry. "That's why you love me, though!" I grinned. The door bell rang. I hopped out of Harrys grip, walking to the door. As I opened it, I saw Swift. "Oh hey Taylor." I fake smiled. "Harold, your girlfriend is here."
Harry walked up next to me. "Taylor..."
"Hey hun!" She squealed.
"I'm breaking up with you. Again."
I sighed, walking up to my room, lying on the floor and staring at the ceiling. I should be happy, right? Last time they broke up, they got back together. My door slammed open, and someone pinned me to the ground. I looked up, seeing Harry.
"Shut up and kiss me." He growled.
"Don't have to tell me twice."
I leaned up, placing my lips gently on his. My eyes fluttered close as our lips moved in sync. Fireworks, bombs... That's what I feel. And my pants getting tighter.

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