Niall realizes he likes Harry. He thinks he can confide in one of the lads, but what happens when Harry finds out?


11. Chapter Eleven

As the guys finished their food, they smiled.
"That was really good, Niall." Louis complimented. "What do you have planned?"
"Couch, now."
They got up, walking to the couch, sitting down.
I stood in front of them, smiling. "Phones out."
They all took their phones out.
"Dial your girlfriends, invite them over, or on a date. I'm making spaghetti for dinner."
I walked back into the kitchen, picking up the plates and putting them in the sink, slowly cleaning them one by one.
I looked to my right, seeing Harry. "Yes, Hazza?"
"You made breakfast, cleaning the dishes, telling us to invite the girls over, and offering to make dinner. What's gotten into you? You didn't even eat the pancakes until we all got some."
"I'm not offering to make dinner, I am. And it's the least I could do for waking you lads up earlier."
"Niall. Don't get so worked up over that."
"Shouldn't you be calling Taylor?" I asked, washing my hands after I finished the dishes.
"I texted her."
"Date or spaghetti?"
"She hasn't texted back yet."
I walked to the living room, drying my hands on my pants. "Guys, dates or spaghetti?"
"Harry." I said, turning to him. "Since everyone's going on a date, you should to."
"You'll be alone."
"I'll be fine."
I reached in his pocket, searching for his phone. As I felt something hard, I gripped it.
"Not the phone." He moaned.
I grabbed his phone, sending a quick text to Taylor. "Aye, go on a date with Harry tonight. -Niall" 
I tossed Harry his phone back, acting like I never grabbed his dick. Who said it was an accident?

All the girls came in, heading towards their boyfriends. I waved to them as they all left, the house becoming eerily quiet. My phone vibrated, making me jump. I took it out, seeing a message from Harry.
"Are you sure you're going to be alright?" 
I sighed, texting back. "I'll be fine. Go have fun with Swift." 
I walked up to my room, plopping on the bed, falling asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

"Harry, this was a wonderful date." I smiled, my hand in his.
Oh no. It's the nightmare again. Wait, why can't I change what's happening?! I turned towards Harry, to see the familiar gun.
"Liam!" I screamed, hoping I screamed outside the dream and that he was home. "Help me!"
"He won't help you." Harry said. "He's out with his girlfriend, remember?"
So I was going to die. Again.
"It seems like you know what's going to happen."
"You'll tell me I'm worthless, and shoot me."
"Good guess, but I'm not going to shoot you."
There was a sudden pain in my chest. I looked down, seeing a knife sticking out of me. Slowly, I turned around, seeing a smirking Liam.
"It'll be better with you gone." Liam said.

My eyes flashed open, drenched in sweat again. Fuck this! I got up, walking out of the house, to a nearby park. It's pretty dark. I searched my pockets for my phone, sighing as I realized I left it at home. Oh well. I sat against a tree, looking around. This place looks familiar... The dream. But I'm not asleep... Am I? I looked around, seeing Harry.
"Shouldn't you be with Taylor?"
"Why? I thought--"
My eyes traveled down to the familiar black object in his pocket. The gun. So I am dreaming. But when did I fall asleep? I got up, grabbing the gun from Harry.
"What the fuck?" He asked, clearly shocked.
I turned around, grabbing the knife, just as Liam was about to stab me. They stood there, dumbfounded. I smiled, raising the gun to my head, pulling the trigger.

I sighed, opening my eyes. I'm still at the park. The sun was shining through the trees, and people were walking around.
I looked around, trying to find who called me.
"Niall, where are you?!"
Liam and Harry. They're looking for me. I don't feel like moving, though. Harry came around the corner, and his eyes soon found mine.
"Liam, I found him!"
Harry ran over, kneeling next to me.
"Niall, have you been here all night?!"
I slowly nodded my head as Liam got closer.
"Niall, you're drenched in sweat..." Liam said, kneeling on the other side of me.
I kept staring ahead, spacing out. They picked me up, carefully bringing me back to the house. Louis and Zayn looked over at us, a worried look on their faces.
"Where was he?" Zayn asked.
"Found him at the park. Something seems wrong, though."
I sighed, my eyes slowly closing as I drifted off into a dreamless sleep.

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