Niall realizes he likes Harry. He thinks he can confide in one of the lads, but what happens when Harry finds out?


18. Chapter Eighteen

"Boys, breakfast!" Liam shouts from downstairs.
I sat up, instantly regretting it. A groan escaped my lips as Harry looked at me, amused.
"Why do you have such a big dick?" I groaned, getting up.
He burst out laughing. "Your arse hurts?!"
"Yes!" I rolled my eyes, walking downstairs. All the boys were down there already, two seats waiting for Harry and I. Harry walked down, smacking my ass, earning a hiss in response.
"Niall, sit down and eat." Liam said.
"I'll eat. Just not sitting."
"Why not?"
"His ass hurts." Harry snickered.
"Cause Harry has a big--"
"--mouth." Harry cut me off.
Maybe he was just using me. He turned around, frowning. "Babe, get that thought of out your head."
"Did Harry just call him babe ?" Louis whispered to Zayn.
"Harry has a big dick." I announced.
Louis spit out his cereal while Liam, Zayn, and Harry spit out their drinks.
"Did you guys have s--"
"No." He declined quickly.
Technically, I guess we didn't. "I was awake for a while and sat on the floor until this bitch woke up. I guess I sat too long." I lied, sitting between Liam and Louis.
"Then what about his d--"
"He's walked around naked multiple times, remember?" I stared at the eggs, sighing. What a life I have.
"Guys, we have an interview."
"I'll be in the van." I got up, walking outside, to the van.

Thirty minutes later and we arrived at the radio station. I hopped out of the van, seeing it was Radio One. I wonder... I walked through the building, resting my eyes on two boys.
"Dan! Phil!"
They looked at me and smiled, walking over and hugging me.
"You guys doing the interview?" I asked.
They nodded.

"Okay, first question." Phil said. "Who's a virgin?"
"I am." I said.
"Still haven't found the right person?" Dan asked.
I quirked an eyebrow at him when he said "person" and not "girl". "Uh no, I haven't found the right girl yet."
Harry stiffened next to me, and everyone else just stared at me.
"So who's your best friend?" Dan asked.
"In the band or not?"
"Doesn't matter." Phil said.
"Harry." Louis said.
"For the band, I'd say Liam." I said. Harry stiffened more. "Not in the band, you two, Dan and Phil."
"Aw..." They chorused.
"Louis..." Harry muttered.
"What was the last thing you dreamt about?"
Both Harry and I stiffened. "Last thing I dreamt about..." I said, trying to think of a lie. "I dreamt that I was older, married to the love of my life."
"Think it will happen?" Phil asked.
"Nope." I responded, popping the "p".
"If any of you were gay, who'd you marry from the band?"
I've been dodging questions of romance since Harry seems embarrassed by m--
"Niall." Harry said, interrupting my thoughts. "I'd date and marry Niall."
"Harry." I said, smiling for the first time that day.

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