Niall realizes he likes Harry. He thinks he can confide in one of the lads, but what happens when Harry finds out?


8. Chapter Eight

"Wait, what happened?"
"He sided with Harry. I can't trust him anymo--"
His phone started ringing, and I sighed.
"Hello? Yeah, he's with me. Uh... He's crying, but that's about it. He locked himself in the room until I knocked the door down." He looked at me. "It's Harry and Liam."
"See?! I told you I can't trust anyone!" I screamed.
"...Harry's crying. And apparently I wasn't supposed to tell you that." He chuckled.
"...Where are they?"
"I'll go there."
I got up, walking over to Liams flat, knocking. As soon as my hand left the door, I got tackled to the ground, a mop of brown curls in my face.
"Harry..." I sighed.
"Guys, we have an interview." Liam sighed, walking past us.
Harry got up, reaching out and pulling me up. I walked to the van, getting in the back, sitting by myself.

We walked through the doors, sitting on the couch. Liam, Zayn, Louis, Harry, then me. After introducing ourselves, the questions started.
"So Niall, we heard you're the only single guy in the band. Is this true?"
"No. Taylor and I broke up."
My eyes widened as I slowly looked over at Harry. I thought he was going to propose! Harry looked over at me, his eyes meeting mine.
"Why did you two break apart?" The interviewer, John, asked.
Harry snapped his head back to John. "I love someone else."
"Oh... Do you know if they love you back?"
"They do, they just don't trust me."
"Who would with your reputation?" I muttered.
Harry moved his foot slightly, stepping on mine.
"So Niall, we heard that a few days ago, you were in the hospital. What happened?"
"I got in a fight." Johns eyes widened and I laughed. "No but really, I fainted and Daddy Direction wanted to make sure I was fine."
"Are you?"
I nodded. "Perfect."
"Lie." Harry muttered.
This time, I stepped on his foot.
"Who has caused the most drama?"
Well most recently... "I have."
Five pairs of eyes landed on me.
"Yeah. I've probably driven all the lads nuts. Plus, they're always spending money since I eat so much." I turned my head, looking at the boys. "And I'm sorry for all the drama I've caused."
Harry reached over, wrapping his arms around me. I wrapped mine around his waist, my head on his shoulder.
"I'm sorry..." I whispered, only loud enough for him to hear.
"It's alright..." He whispered back.
"I love you..."
He tensed, hugging me tighter, then let go. What the fuck? He laid his head on my shoulder, his arm around my waist, and mine around his.
"I see some Narry happening." John said.
I smiled, laying my head on Harrys, staying like that for the rest of the interview.

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