Movellist: Issue #2


5. Teenagers in Trouble: The Teen Girl Trend

There's a brand new movie coming out: The Maze Runner. To be honest, from the look of the posters I began to facepalm. It looked like yet another dystopian book about a teen girl who fights the government. However, a quick wikipedia search and I discover that it's actually stars...

A GUY???

Okay, so where I'm going with this is that, like the dystopian fetish everybody has all of a sudden, pretty much every popular book is about a teenaged girl with some sort of twist. But Maze Runner isn't solely about some teenagers dying, it also seems like quite a good satire and insight on how animals must feel being tested with makeup and medicine. The story goes much further than a cheap love story and a strong, independent woman who surprisingly enough DOES need a man, although she's meant to be strong and independent so why would she prioritise a boyfriend over saving the world from a tyranny when clearly she constantly states that she doesn't need/want a boyfriend, so when she starts banging on and on about who she "CARES FOR" and who she "TRULY LOVES" it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. I think I might have gone off on a tangent there.

Okay, seriously now. From what I read on Wiki, there isn't even a love story! Well, there is a girl who Thomas (The main character) may fancy, but to give him credit it must be pretty boring, just you and your mates stuck in a maze with nothing to stimulate your hormones then BAM! A girl shows up. Katniss had plenty of time to have crushes when she was 15, but once she realised she was going into the games she should have just given up dating because A) She had a likely chance of death. B) If she did win, nobody would want to go near her because she just killed a bunch of people. Then when she was forced to love Peeta, she could have just prioritised STAYING ALIVE and put "Being in Love with Peeta" somewhere under that, because even if you were genuinely in love with someone, you would probably put "Sexy Time" under "Crap, get away from the careers". Just a suggestion. 

Okay, that's the second tangent I've gone off on. My point is that I think it's healthy to start reading more varied stories to stimulate our minds and keep us creative. I know everybody loves to crap on bad fanfiction of The Hunger Games and One Direction, but the problem is that these authors are being published for NO reason other than

"Hey, does your book feature a teenaged girl who fights the government? It does? DEAL!" and we already have far too much of this. The Hunger Games at least seems to be it's own idea. Divergent is kind of similar but also different in some ways. Maze Runner, oh my god thank you for Maze Runner. Here are some ideas:

A young 8 year old boy is lured away from his parents by a pedophile, but when he gets to the man's house he realises that what's up so he runs off into the forest where he grows up physically, but not being able to learn anything a kid usually would, he stays naive to the horrors of the outside world

Two twin sisters in their twenties are having coffee one day when they discover that they have a third sibling living in Hawaii -- They're triplets! However, when they arrive in Hawaii for an arranged meet up they discover something really terrible about their long lost relative...

A sequel to A Clockwork Orange where it turns out Alex is actually an Orange.


That last one's stupid, but it's more original than most published books today!


By Florence Morgan

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