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2. Katniss V Triss: The Divergent and Hunger Games Controversy



Okay, I managed to read The Hunger Games cover to cover in a week, I was that into it. I read Book #1 in a night, Book #2 in a day and Book #3 in five days. I have to say the book was amazing, but this is not a book review. Recently, the Divergent Series by Veronica Roth has earned itself a movie with it's thickening fan base. Of course, The Hunger Games fans are NOT impressed.

There is this growing trend of setting your story in Dystopian North America, with a strong, bold teenaged girl as the lead (more on this later). Well, The Hunger Games fans declared Divergent a rip-off because of it's many similarties to THG. However, the Divergent fans' argument is that Divergent was written BEFORE The Hunger Games, so it's more likely Suzanne ripped off Veronica. But let's do a little bit of research, shall we? The Hunger Games (Book #1) Came out in 2008, Divergent in 2011. This would give Veronica plenty of time to read The Hunger Games and do the ripping-off part. However, it is perfectly possible that Veronica started the Divergent series BEFORE The Hunger Games came out, possibly even before it was written. But Suzanne Collins apparently got the idea from two different sources; her father's work in the air-force and a blurred line between a game show and actual war programming with children. This means she could have started the book, or at least figured out the plot, long before Veronica came around. I myself have never read Divergent, but I've gotten a fair idea what it's about. Let's have a look at this as a whole:

> In Divergent, our hero is a strong, bold, blonde girl.

> In The Hunger Games, our hero is a strong, bold, dark haired girl.

> In Divergent, the story is set in a dystopian future North America, where teenagers have a big part.

> In The Hunger Games, the story is set in a dystopian future North America where all children have a big part.

> In Divergent, the Government is super evil and stuff.

> In The Hunger Games, the Government is super evil and stuff and the president is a psychopath.

I think that this pretty much speaks for itself.

Anyway, I don't think any of this "Divergent ripped-off the Hunger Games series", I think that this whole dystopian trend is a rip-off of one third book that started it all.


George Orwell is truly a genius, as shown by the brilliant story. I know that many like to compare The Hunger Games to Battle Royale, but barely anybody except people who read Japanese based literature even knew the book existed, so it's not really fair. 1984 is much more known in western society, so it is much more likely that these two women were given the book by their fathers or had to read it in school or simply picked it up someday at a library and later on, unknowingly, were inspired to write these two series completely oblivious to their inspirations.

1984 could be described as the original "Dystopian Future" novel, only it's set in England (I think). You could count A Clockwork Orange as one of these aswell, but it was more the movie that really gave you the whole "Dystopian Britain" idea (By the way, freaking Kudos to Stanley Kubrick, he is the patron saint of kick-ass movies).

Anyway, I think we can easily finish this article with the reflection that no idea hasn't been thought of or done before. However, there is no copyright on ideas, so maybe you could get rich quick by writing a story about Garath Grott and the Wizard's Rock, just be careful that nobody finds you out.


By Florence Morgan




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