Reflections of a loveless. (Drabble)


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Some would say life is as simple as saying ”I love you”. News flash: It's not.


We don't choose the way we are. We don't get to choose who we fall in love with, who we work well with, who we have a chemistry with. And people like me, we didn't get to choose either.


In the society we live in, we're taught that we can only be happy once we have a boyfriend or girlfriend. It's like love is supposed to be the final destination in our goals. Love is gloryfied to this beautiful, heartwarming thing, that we all need to be complete. I didn't chose to live in this society.


You see, I didn't chose to be loveless. I was just born that way. Don't you think that if I could, I would changes myself right now and be able to feel that emotion everyone talks oh so fondly about?


But I can't. I don't fall in love. Maybe I do, for seconds, minutes. But it's fleeting. Perhaps that ”celebrity crush” is the closest thing I'll ever come to love. This superficial attraction and desire to know. Is that really love? And if it is, do I really want to know?


I don't love and love makes me angry. I still don't know if it's jealousy or liberation.

If you love, be blessed. It's a privilege. I still don't know if you're the luckiest person in the world or the unluckiest.  

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