A Hundred Days

A creative writing assignment: subvert a traditional fairytale. See if you can guess what it is! :)

P.S. There's a huge huge clue near the end… And the title should be a BIG give away ;) xox

P.P.S. Is this fiction? Or should I post it again in fan fiction, under other? It's technically fairytale fan fiction… Thoughts?


2. A/N.

First of all, sorry if it's a bit of a crappy layout.


Secondly, would anyone like to read more things like this? Because I have a ton of ideas for modernised fairytales. Would anyone read these? They'd only be short, because I have absolutely no time at the moment (if you've done, or are doing, A-Levels, you know what I mean!).

But yeah, do people want to see more of this kind of thing? Let me know :)





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