A Hundred Days

A creative writing assignment: subvert a traditional fairytale. See if you can guess what it is! :)

P.S. There's a huge huge clue near the end… And the title should be a BIG give away ;) xox

P.P.S. Is this fiction? Or should I post it again in fan fiction, under other? It's technically fairytale fan fiction… Thoughts?


1. A Hundred Days

“Hey, princess, what are you doing this weekend?” I roll my eyes as Alexander DuCharme lopes over.

“Nothing that concerns you.”

“Taking your private jet for a spin?”

“I don’t have a private jet. Or any kind of jet for that matter.”

“Ah, so you’re going to buy out Tiffany’s then?”

“Leave me alone, DuCharme.” I reply, trying desperately to keep a hold on my temper. I’m not even sure why he bugs me so much; there’s just something about him that really... pisses me off.

“Ooh, surnames, now I’m in trouble.” He laughs.

“Oh, bugger off, Alex.”


I stalk off down the hall before he can get another word in. God. What is his problem? It’s not like I’m the only “rich kid” at this school. Pretty much the entire population of this school are the children of million and billionaires. Why does he have to pick on me? The rest of the girls, he flirts with. Me, he picks on. What terrible crime did I commit in a past life that means I have to endure this torture?


Lost in my rantings, I walk into a wall and stagger backwards.

“Watch where you’re going, half-wit!” I turn around without looking and hug the life out of my best friend.

“You’re back!”

“I’m back!” Whitney replies. “Ella said you were refusing to have a party. I’m here to make you change your mind.”

I groan. “I’ve told you guys a thousand times, I’m not having a party, and that’s final. My parents would definitely find out.” And they’d be thrilled. My mum would force me to invite the entire year and she’d buy all these fancy decorations, and order a caterer, and invite all my relatives, and all her high class business friends would turn up with gifts the size of Monaco.


I’m just not worth all that fuss.


“They won’t care! I refuse to spend another one of your birthday’s watching crappy chick flicks and playing a lame version of truth or dare. We already know everything about each other anyway!”

“Yeah, but...”
“Nope. No, nopity, nope, nope, no. No buts. We are having a party. Come on, Rose, it’s your 16th birthday! How can you not want to celebrate it?” Because Alex would turn up and take the mick out of all the fancy schmancy decor and food. I see him enough at school. Why would I want him in my house?

“One condition.” I say, holding up a finger. “We don’t invite the whole year. Just a few people.”

“I hope I’ll be included.” The hateful voice breathes in my ear.

“Sure, Alex. You know her address right? It’s just...” I’m going to kill Whitney.

“Down the road. The big white house with the tall gates and towers. I know.” Okay, you can’t tell me that’s not creepy. He’s knows where I freaking live. “Don’t look so worried, Rosie, it’s only because I live opposite.” Oh.

He takes a strand of my hair in his hand and curls it around his finger.

“Shut up, and let go of my hair, bastard.” I reply, pulling away from him. “I have to get to class.”




“I don’t have anything to wear!” Ella cries a week later. She’s standing in the middle of my bedroom, still in her school clothes. “Why would you have a party so soon? You know I need to have at least two weeks notice!”

I simply laugh, and throw her a dress from my wardrobe. It’s one I’ve never worn, and I know she’s been wanting to wear it for ages.

Her jaw drops comically, and she gasps. “Are you serious?”

“Hey, why not? It’ll look way better on you anyway.” She jumps up and hugs me.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!” At that moment, Whitney comes out of my bathroom. She looks amazing. Her dark, curly hair is up in a partially straightened ponytail, and her burgundy velvet dress falls perfectly to just above her knees. Her silver necklace is simple and stands out against her dark skin. She has used minimal make-up, just a dash of eyeliner and mascara, and it looks perfect.

“Wow, Whitney! Where did you get your dress? I love it!” Ella squeals.

“Thanks.” She smiles shyly. “It was my mum’s actually, and she bought it from a charity shop, so, I have no idea where it’s from.” We stay silent for a moment or two after that. Whitney’s mum died ten years ago, in a freak car accident.

“Ella, why don’t you go get ready now?” I say. “I want to see what you look like in that dress!” She nods and runs into the bathroom. “I’ll be right back.” I say to Whitney, walking into my wardrobe. I’ve chosen a dress that I haven’t worn in almost two years. Because of Aunt Jane.


Aunt Jane is my mum’s sister. She’s always been spiteful, most of all to me. I’ve never known why. All I know about her is that she wasn’t invited to my christening, she turned up anyway and came right up to the front of the church, and started shouting at my mum. She apparently said that she had been insulted, and would never again consider herself a part of my family. Then she splashed all the water out of the aspersorium onto the floor and marched out. The next time I saw her was my 14th birthday. Again she turned up without warning and this time she had brought a gift. The dress I was going to wear tonight. I loved the dress so much, I put it on immediately. The whole thing was perfect. Until someone brought up my christening. I suppose they were just reminiscing about the ‘good old days’, but it made Aunt Jane furious. She ended up throwing a glass of red wine down the front of this dress. This gorgeous silvery-blue dress, made of satin and chiffon, ruined by red wine. She stormed out immediately afterwards. My mum managed to get the stain out eventually, but I never wore it again after that.


Until now.


Remarkably, it still fits, although it’s a tad shorter on the skirt. But I like that. It makes me look more grown up. It has these beautiful shimmery sleeves and a low cut back. It kind of looks like one of those gorgeous ice skating costumes, but with less lycra and sequins. It’s simple, elegant. I bought some white heels to wear with it. They’re not too high, but they complete the outfit. I sit down at my vanity table, and put on a little eyeliner and mascara. I know I won’t remember to take it off tonight, so it’s good that it’s minimal. I then proceed to curl my dark blonde hair slightly at the bottom. Satisfied, I walk out into my room. Whitney and Ella are sitting on my bed, chatting about who knows what, and Ella is wearing my dark blue dress. I was right. It looks fantastic on her. Her dark, bottle-red hair is in a fishtail plait and a gorgeous black choker adorns her neck. I jump onto the bed next to them and give them a hug.
“Thanks for talking me into this, you guys. This was the best idea ever.” I smile as the doorbell rings, and we run downstairs to let people in.


3 hours later


This was the worst idea ever. Why did I let them talk me into this? My house is being destroyed for no reason, my friends have gotten completely drunk, and to top it all off, Alex has been teasing me all night. I step outside for a breath of fresh air, and look up at the stars. They look so happy, so far away from all this. I sit down in the swing under the oak tree and take off my shoes. God, my feet hurt. I start swinging back and forth without thinking. I lose myself in a daydream, not realising that someone is standing behind me.


“Boo.” I stop swinging immediately, and jump off, ready to karate chop whoever scared me into complete oblivion. Alex is standing there, with the most ridiculous, self-satisfied smirk I have ever seen in my entire life.

“Did I scare you?” The laughter in his voice makes me want to punch him.

“Piss off, Alex.” I shove my feet back into my shoes and march back towards the house, but he grabs hold of me, and pulls me back. “What the hell are you doing?” The smirk remains on his face.

“I just wanted to say happy birthday, princess.”

“You know, I wish you wouldn’t call me that.”

“Why, princess? It’s what you are, isn’t it? Daddy’s little princess, Mummy’s little angel.” For the first time in my life, I feel seething rage. Normally, Alex does nothing more than tease me about private jets, but this... This is accusing me of being a spoiled brat. This makes me mad.

“How dare you! How dare you say something like that? How dare you stereotype me? How dare you even think for one moment that I’m spoiled, or that I’m ‘Daddy’s little princess’, or that I want any of the things I have. I appreciate it all, yes, of course, but I never asked for it. For your information, I donate a large sum of money to charity every month, and loads of my clothes come from a charity shop, or a high street store. If I own anything designer or remotely expensive, you can bet my mum picked it out for me. I have never in my life wanted any of the stereotypical, spoiled, poor-little-rich-girl luxuries, so don’t for one minute think that I have. I have never in my life complained to my dad about not having the latest season Gucci and I have never gone running to my mum if I broke a nail. I do not fit into your stupid stereotype and I never, ever will, so you can just piss off and get the hell out of here before I punch your face in.” I can feel the tears brimming in my eyes, and push away from him, running in any direction I can. I’m not even sure if I’m running towards my house or not. I hear him calling after me, and try to run faster. That’s when my heel catches in the drain in the road, and fall face first onto the road. I can faintly hear the sound of a car crashing into something, and turn my head to the left. A spinning wheel is heading straight for me, and an engine is not far behind it. The headlights blind me. My foot is still caught in the drain, and I can’t move out of the way. I try desperately to wrench my foot free, but I can’t, I’m not strong enough.


Strong hands grasp my leg, and free my foot. I attempt to scramble to my feet, but it’s too late. The wheel rolls over my neck, not hurting me. But I can still hear the engine.








I’m pulled up suddenly, by the same hands as before, but not before the car reaches me. My head knocks against the bottom of the car, and I’m dropped the short distance to the floor. I hit the concrete hard though.


The last thing I hear is someone calling my name. And the last thing I see is a spinning wheel in the distance. It falls harmlessly onto it’s side as I black out.



Day 1


“Please, you have to let me see her, I need to know she’s okay!”

“No, I’m sorry, Mr. DuCharme. At this point, it’s family only.”



Day 5


“Mrs. Bryer? Please, tell me... Is she okay?”

“She’s stable, if that’s what you mean. I don’t believe we’ve met.”

“Alexander DuCharme, prize-winning arsehole.”

“Weren’t you the one who saved my Rose?”

“Well, yes, but...”

“Then you can’t be all bad, dear.”




Day 6


“Rose? Rosie? Alexander DuCharme wants to see you? Can we let him in?”



Day 13


“Please, let me in, I need to see her.”

“Shove off, Alex, she wouldn’t want you around.”



Day 20


“Princess? Please, tell me you’re okay? I mean, I know you can’t but... Look, I’m sorry for what I said. I didn’t... I’m sorry.”



Day 21


“I never meant anything I ever said. I never, ever meant to hurt you. I was just... I was just being an idiot, I s’pose. I’m so, so sorry. I know if it weren’t for me, you wouldn’t be in this state. I’m sorry, princess. I’m so, so sorry.”



Day 26


“Is she any better?”

“No, I’m sorry.”



Day 27


“Alex? What the hell are you doing here?”

“I’m just... I was... just leaving...”



Day 48


Where is he?



Day 49


“Rose? You’re going to be alright, okay? You’re going to get better. You know... I’ve been talking to Alexander DuCharme. He seems like a lovely boy. Why haven’t you mentioned him before?”



Day 60


“Princess? I mean...Rose? Please... please wake up? I know... I know you hate me, but... I need to show you that I’m so--...”

“Visiting hours are over, I’m afraid, sir.”


Don’t go.



Day 65


“Rosie? Alex has been coming to see you. Nearly every day, now. I’m beginning to think... maybe he’s not so bad. I mean, I know you hate him and everything, and I know he’s been a jerk, but... He’s seems like a good guy. You should give him a chance.”



Day 72


“Hi, princess. I’m back. Sorry, I haven’t visited... Exams and stuff. Listen, I know you probably can’t hear me, but I wanted to tell you something. It’s probably better that you’re out of it actually. This way there’s no embarrassment when I see you later. Before... When I was being a jerk... I never meant anything to hurt you. I was just teasing. And, you know... I only did it to get you to notice me. Yeah, I get that it’s such a cliche; it’s playground stuff. If a guy fancies you, he pulls your pigtails. Not that I... Well... I... Maybe, possibly... You were always one of the nicest girls at school. We used to have Chemistry together, in Year 10, remember? I used to sit behind you. I’d end up spending most of the time staring at you. Because, you were so beautiful, and I knew that if I could spend any time with you I would. That’s around about when I started saying things. The... stupid jokes... I need you to know that I really never meant them to come out the way they did... When I asked you what you were doing at the weekend, I really wanted to know. But you never did tell me. Because I was... an idiot.”


So was I.



Day 83


“Doctor, do you think she’ll ever wake up?”

“Mrs. Bryer, I honestly don’t know. We’re doing everything we can.”



Day 90


“Rose. Can you hear me? It’s Daddy. Come on, sweetheart, wake up, wake up, darling. I’m sorry I haven’t been coming in, but... Well, I honestly couldn’t bear it. Mummy’s been coming in occasionally, but she... doesn’t like to see you like this. The only person who keeps coming is that DuCharme boy. He seems nice, Rosie. I mean, don’t start dating him or anything, you can’t date until you’re 18... He saved your life, you know. Without him, you’d be dead.”



Day 98


“Hey Rosie.”
“Hi Rose.”

“I know you can’t hear us, but... We’re here. Okay? We’re here.”

“And so is Alex. He’s really nice, Rosie. Really nice. He saved your life.”


I know.



Day 99


“It seems we’ve got everyone here today.”

“Actually, Alexander is the only one staying.”


He’s the only one who ever stays.



Day 100


“Hey, princess. Look, it seems you’re not going to be waking up for a while, but I want you to know that... Rose. I think I... I may possibly... I love you.”



And the princess was so beautiful, that he could not help himself. He leaned down and kissed her gently on the cheek. Just like that, the princess awoke. “Is that you my prince? You have been so long in coming!”


It’s been over a year since I woke up. Everything was such a blur at first, but now... now things are almost back to normal. My friends are still as brilliant as ever. My parents are wonderful. School is as lame as it used to be, but we’re nearly done now, so, onto bigger and better things.


Alex is doing great too. He’s doing perfect actually. We’ve had a ton of good talks since my last birthday. We’ve become good friends. But maybe... maybe we could be more. Maybe.


Just maybe.



“Hey, princess, what are you doing this weekend?” I roll my eyes and smile as he lopes over.

“Nothing that concerns you.”

“Taking your private jet for a spin?”

“I don’t have a private jet. Or any kind of jet for that matter. And you should know that.”

“Hey, princess. What are you really doing this weekend?”

“I don’t know.”

“It’s your birthday tomorrow, you must be doing something!”

I grin. “Well, to be honest, what I’m doing this weekend really depends on what you’re doing this weekend.”

“Are you asking me on a date?”

“I don’t know. Do you want me to be asking you on a date?” I hide a laugh.

“I don’t know.”

“Yes. I’m asking you on a date. Will you please come over for dinner tomorrow night? It’ll be just us.”
“Just us, huh? Hmmm... I don’t know if I want to spend so much time alone with you.” He laughs as I playfully hit him in the stomach.

“Oh, bugger off, Alex.”

“Whatever you say, princess.”


A moment of silence.


“Hey, princess. What are we doing this weekend?”


The End

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