The Play || Z.M.

There's a note in my locker. It reads: 'You are my one and only, my blue skies and grey. You are the only one for me.' But that's Ella's song! The only ones who know it's my favourite song are Ebony and Zayn and Ebony has been ignoring me for at least a week...

Demi is a seventeen year old girl and goes to college. She meets a boy called Zayn and it hits off right away. Demi writes a play for Drama and her play gets chosen. The only thing that's bothering her is that she doesn't get the part she was hoping for. What happens during the preparations?

// Zayn is eighteen in this story and One Direction is not famous. Book one of The Runaway Play.


2. Spending Time with Ebony

"What kind of play are you going to write?" Ebony asks as she stands next to my locker. "I don't know yet. I mean, I love writing love stories but I don't know if that's a good idea." I say and close my locker. "Do it. Write about a kiss and maybe you and Zayn will get to play the main characters." Ebony says, wiggling her eyebrows. I laugh and together we walk outside. "You're the worst." I say and giggle softly. "You could come with me and we could listen to some music. Maybe you'll find some inspiration for the play?" Ebony asks and smiles. "I'd love to!" I say and Ebony walks to her car. We both get in and Ebony starts the car. "Ella Henderson is an amazing singer and I'm sure you'll love her. Her album Chapter One is wonderful, you can listen to her on my phone." Ebony says, smiling at me. I grab her phone and play Chapter One. "I really like Empire and Pieces." "Yes! Pieces is my favorite." Ebony says and smiles wide, stopping in front of a house. We both get out of the car and Ebony locks it. "You're not afraid of dogs, are you?" Ebony asks me and smiles. I smile back and shake my head. Ebony opens the door and I see the dog she was talking about. I smile and stroke the dog softly. "What's its name?" I ask Ebony and she smiles. "Her name is Molly." she says and I smile at Molly. "Such a cutie." I say and Ebony puts her bag down. I place mine next to hers and I follow Ebony upstairs. "Welcome to my room."

'Cause we found strength in each other's arms.

We built this love and we made it our

Empire, empire, empire.

And you and I can rule each other's hearts.

We'll build on love and we'll make it our

Empire, Empire, empire.'

Ebony sings along to Empire and I smile at her. "You're amazing!" I say and Ebony smiles. "Thank you." she says and smiles. "Have you got any inspiration?" Ebony asks me and I shrug lightly. "I don't think I can pull of a kiss." I say, winking playfully. Ebony laughs and shakes her head. "I'm serious!" she says and I smile. "Alright, alright. What about a boy and a girl, they meet each other and become very close. He's got five tattoos from his shoulder to his hand." Ebony giggles softly, realising I was referring to Five Tattoos by Ella Henderson. "And then they get together. It sounds simple but lots of things happen in between." I say and Ebony smiles. "It sounds cute." she says and I smile wide. "Let's start writing!"

"And Adrienne's parents don't agree with their relationship so Simon sneaks into her room every night to spend time with her." Ebony says and I nod. "That's so cute." I say, writing it down. "So you're going to write the whole play tonight?" Ebony asks and I nod, smiling. I put my laptop back in my bag and swing it over my shoulder. "Do I need to take you home?" Ebony asks and smiles. "I'll be fine! I'll take the bus." I say and give Ebony a hug. Ebony hugs back tightly and opens the door once we let go off each other. "I'll see you tomorrow then?" Ebony asks as I walk outside. "Yep! See you tomorrow." I say, smiling as I walk to the bus stop. I wait for the bus and when it arrives I quickly get in. I sit down next to a window and plug my earphones in my phone. I put on Ella's album and close my eyes. Today was crazy. Zayn is really nice and Ebony is the sweetest ever. What if I get picked to play Adrienne? That would be the best thing ever! And it would be even better if Zayn plays Simon. I giggle softly and smile. But the chance is so little and my play needs to get picked as well. I sigh softly and shake my head. There are probably better plays than mine. I wish Ebony was in my class, she could play Adrienne as well. Plus, she knows what's going to happen. I think she'll be amazing though. She could sing a few parts as well. The bus stops and I get off. I walk toward my house and walk in. I drop my bag and get my laptop. I walk upstairs and open my laptop, sitting down. Lets start writing.

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