The Play || Z.M.

There's a note in my locker. It reads: 'You are my one and only, my blue skies and grey. You are the only one for me.' But that's Ella's song! The only ones who know it's my favourite song are Ebony and Zayn and Ebony has been ignoring me for at least a week...

Demi is a seventeen year old girl and goes to college. She meets a boy called Zayn and it hits off right away. Demi writes a play for Drama and her play gets chosen. The only thing that's bothering her is that she doesn't get the part she was hoping for. What happens during the preparations?

// Zayn is eighteen in this story and One Direction is not famous. Book one of The Runaway Play.


1. New Country, New School, New People

"Are you Demi Brooks?" a lady asks me with a smile. I stand up and hold out my hand. "Yes, I am." I say and the lady shakes my hand. "Great. I'm Mrs Hall. And Zayn Malik will be here in a minute. He'll be showing you our school but he's always late." Mrs Hall says, laughing softly. I laugh as a good looking guy walks around the corner. "Finally Mr Malik." Mrs Hall says and Zayn smiles at her. "I'm very sorry, I got detention." he says and Mrs hall shakes her head. "Are you ready?" Zayn asks me and smiles. I nod and smile back. "I'll see you after school, Malik." Mrs Hall says as Zayn and I walk around the corner. "What's your name actually?" Zayn asks and smiles. "I'm Demi." I say and smile, looking at him. "Watch out!" Zayn says as he pulls me towards him. I hold onto him and look around, seeing I almost bumped into an open door. I start to laugh softly and stand up straight. "Sorry, I didn't see the door." "No worries." he says and smiles. "Can I see your timetable?" Zayn asks and I nod as I get it out of my bag. He takes it from me and smiles cheekily. "We have have a lot of classes together!" Zayn says excitedly. "Yes! Then I know at least one person." I say and we both laugh. "Do you get detention a lot?" I ask and look at Zayn. He chuckles and smiles at me. "You'll find out." he says and chuckles. I shake my head as we reach some doors. "Alright, let's start the tour."

"Will you be alright?" Zayn asks as we reach the cafeteria. "Why wouldn't I be? I'll be fine on my own." I say and smile at him. Zayn shakes his head and pulls me with him. "Hey guys! This is Demi, it's her first day. Is it okay if she sits with us." Zayn asks and everyone nods, smiling. "I don't want to be a bother." I say, looking down slightly. "You can sit here." a girl with long, brown hair says and smiles at me, taking her bag off the chair. "Thanks." I say and smile back, sitting down. "So, what's your name again?" she asks and I look at her. "I'm Demi. I just moved here and I don't know anyone." I say and the girl giggles softly. "I'm Ebony. I moved here about a month ago so I know what you're going through. But, besides that, you're lucky to have Zayn giving you a tour." Ebony says and we both start giggling. "The tour didn't go as planned." I say, starting to whisper. "Tell me!" Ebony says and smiles wide. "Well, we were just walking through the building and I was looking at Zayn, not realising I almost bumped into a door. Zayn noticed the door and pulled me close to him." I say Ebony looks at me with wide eyes. "You lucky girl." she says and we both start laughing. "But I don't even know him yet so there's nothing going on. He was just giving me a tour." I say with a nod and Ebony smirks slightly. Ebony takes my phone, which is unlocked because I just checked if I had any messages, and puts her number in it. "You need to text me if anything happens, I'm an expert in relationships." she says and the boy next to her starts laughing. "Shut up Tobias." Ebony says, rolling her eyes. "Anyway, Zayn is a lovely guy. Just thought I should let you know."

"Demi, Drama is this way." Zayn says, laughing softly as I turn around. "I knew that." I say, walking over to him. "Sure you did." he says and smiles as we walk to Drama class together. "Ah, you must be Demi." a woman says, smiling at me. "I am." I say, smiling as well. "Well, since you're new here you probably don't know about the play." she says and I shake my head. "I wanted to give the class the opportunity to write a play before Friday. It needs to be a play that lasts about two hours. Do you like writing?" I smile wide and nod quickly. "I love writing." I say and our drama teacher smiles. "Great. Do you think you could write a play before Friday?" she asks and I nod. "Amazing. Let's start."

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