An eveing with Michael Clifford- ❤️


3. upstairs giggles,

By this time you had forgotten all about your crap day and was enjoying the pleasures of your smoking hot bf. after about 5 minuets practically attached to the wall, you released you tong from his warm mouth and grabbed hold of his hand, before you new it he had taken control and you were on your way up stairs heading for the bedroom. As you rushed upstairs you both stumbled and just giggled, you carried on regardless into your room, Mike launched you onto the bed and then sat right on top of you. You started to run your fingers up and down his chest right I'm the middle, you new this was another one of his weaknesses, "why is that still on?!" You exclaimed in shock, "I have no idea!" Michael replied In his raspy voice that you loved, he soon enough removed his shirt sexily while I lay under him watching, "that's better..." I whispered.

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