An eveing with Michael Clifford- ❤️


1. Michael's home!

Michael Clifford fanfic-

It had been about 4 months since you and Michael had been together now, these 4 months had been the best 4 months of your life, you loved Michael with all your heart and your day was about to get a whole lot better!

It was 7pm on Friday night and you had just got in from a hard long day at school, you just felt dead and lazy but then you heard footsteps nearing the front door, you new by the sound of them it would be Michael, your face suddenly brightened as a cheery Mike arrived at the door smiling widely,

"Hey babe!" He said enthusiastically,

"Aw hey honey how was your day?" You replied

"Hm alright, but better if you would have been there" he said in the sexy tone that turns you on,

"Hm baby my day just got better..." You said in that tone that you know turns him on...

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