An eveing with Michael Clifford- ❤️


4. black and white boxers,

We then swopped places, I was now on top of Michael meaning I could take the lead! He stared up at my boobs and then proceeded to squeeze them as I know he loved that feeling, I felt his hands suddenly go to reach the end of my shirt, his soft fingers slid up my top and pulled it over my head revealing my red and black Lacey bra (his favourite) I could feel he was getting harder and harder by the second, "oh my" he said in that horny voice he uses, "damn girl"

I slowly worked my way down his belly kissing a path all the way down to his tight skinny jeans, I started to undo his belt when he said "uh uh let me babe"

He stood up slowly and stood right in front of me and very slowly unbuckled his belt, he was taking the Michael and he new it was teasing you.

You couldn't stand it any longer and yanked his trousers down leaving him standing there in my favourite black and white boxers.

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