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Noelle Green lives alone with her babysister Daisy. Her nextdoor neighbour Tobias and James are like total opposites they both gets interested in Noelle mystery young girl with kid.


1. Fall and Shirtless dork

 1. Fall and shirtless dork


The sun shined brightly the fall was here. It was bit cold. Daisy sat on the wing enjoyning with all she had. I took photos of her and the beautiful orange-yellow leafs around us.Daisy was my little sister she was going to turn Three in few days. I lived with her alone. Our mum was god knows where.She left us two and half years ago, daisy was only six months back then. i came home from school and Daisy slept in her bed and mum wasn't home. she didn't come back. i knew that she left because all her stuff was gone and so was money and expensive stuff and she wasn't even good mum it think she left with her new boyfriend.

 So people thinks that i'm Daisy's mother.Daisy calls me her mum,i don't think she remembers who is her real mother.

 The rent of our old house was too high to me to pay,so i had to move with Daisy to tiny apartment near park. I just moved. This was our second day here.

"Come,lets go inside." I said to Daisy and she smiled to me and took my hand and we walked inside.we made our way up the stairs, we lived in second floor. I heard footsteps, someone was coming down. guy with brown hair with almost black eyes walked past us. He lifted his eyes from the iPod he had there,he looked like he was going to run. He looked me and then he looked Daisy and gave me warm smile,i smiled back to him politely. I was opening the door and Daisy stood next to me when guy with blonde hair walked out the door next to us. He didn't notice us. He wasn't wearing a shirt. "Tobias!" He yelled. Maybe to the guy who just walked past us just few seconds ago. "Tobias! Aye man!" He yelled.but he didn't got an answer. Well. He noticed me and looked me up and down and licked his lips little. "Hey." He said leaning against the door. "Hi." I said blankly. "You just moved here?"he asked. I nod and opened the door. "Daisy lets go in." I said to Daisy. He noticed the little girl next to me and her face turned to serious. "Oh." He said bit awkwardly. "Well.. It was nice to meet you.bye." He said and left. I just waved and walked in and closed the door behind me.our house wasn't big but it was good enough to me and Daisy to live. i worked in coffee shop and when i worked Daisy was in childcare.i didn't have time to see friends, i didn't even have friends cause all my time went on working and taking care of Daisy. i didn't have time to waste or party and go in clubs like people my age did. but i didn't miss that. i liked being with Daisy.i had to take care of her. i wanted.and like i had a choice.Daisy took nap and  i cleaned the house and unpacked few boxes what where left. she woke up and it was time to go buy food.Daisy was really happy girl she always smiled  even when she was tired she was easy to take care of. but of course there were days when she wasn't so easy to take care of. she sat on the shopping cart and i picked food to us. i was heading to pay i saw the familiar boy with brown hair.he was behind me and had some snacks. he smiled to me when he noticed me. i payed my food and put them to bag and the guy smiled to Daisy and Daisy was giggling to him. i gave him a smile. he seemed nice. "Daisy. lets go. " i said. she took my hand and we walked out. the guy came behind us. "hi." he said as he walked next to Daisy. "Hi." i said. "you moved in same house.. right?" he asked. "yeah. yesterday." i said. "oh cool. well. welcome." he said. " you have beautiful daughter." he said smiling to Daisy. "thanks." i said. usually i didn't tell people that she was my sister. we talked little while we walked. "it was nice to meet you  Noelle." he said. i smiled. "you too." i said. "and you Daisy." he said and Daisy giggled. "are you my daddy?"she asked looking Tobias.oh well. damn. shit. Tobias gave me small smile. "no i'm not." he smiled to Daisy. Daisy looked bit sad and didn't say anything. "well anyway.my room mate James.. its bit loud. if it gets too loud just tell." he said. i nod. "see you." Tobias said and we walked into our houses.Normally Daisy didn't ask people if they were her dad. it was awkward now Tobias may think that i'm some girl who just got pregnant at teen and don't even know the dad. well shit.


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