The Greek

A 21 year old girl finds love from the one place she least expected to find it. The internet.


4. Whirl wind..

We speak briefly and his voice sounds interested, it holds emotion. It was powerful. He was evidentially a businessman.

Nikolas informed me he was going away to Greece- on a boat. Fancy huh- I was wary of the money side as previously knowing men with money had ego's the size of Everest. Unfortunately conversation was put to a halt whilst he was away due to signal amongst the seas.

He arrived home the latter part of august. It had been 2 weeks. I found myself yearning to talk to him, ask him about his holiday, to hear his voice. We met up the following Monday and we got on like a house on fire. We went to Gilgamesh, it was beautiful. Very romantic. He fed me spring rolls from chop sticks, we laughed, we showed affection. I found the whole experience endearing and out of the ordinary, there was a feeling in my heart I had never experienced. We clicked from the minute my 6 inch heel stepped foot into his car and I found my heart sticking it to the floor the minute I knew I had to leave..

Nikolas wasn't a power hungry individual he was ambitious, he had drive, focus, he thrived for success. He was full of life experiences, good/bad. From the moment he spoke about his parents I knew he had a good up bringing, parents that would have done anything to give their children the best of what they could give. His heart was on his sleeve from the get go and it made me feel very comfortable to do so too.

We shared a kiss that night. A kiss that was deep, powerful and full of passion. I'll never forget it. Have you ever kissed someone and felt like it was meant to be? It was like two pieces of a jigsaw. They locked perfectly, I could hear him passionately breathing as I held his head in my hands.


It was pure bliss.. This beautiful stranger.

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