The Greek

A 21 year old girl finds love from the one place she least expected to find it. The internet.


3. The greek

So it was Monday morning, my day off. I lay lethargically in bed. Sloth like.

I have a new notification, its Tinder. I have a new match. I sit myself up and take in the profile before me. His name is Nikolas 32. Dark and handsome for sure.

In his photo's his eyes are darker than the nights sky, his hair looks thick and full of body,his complexion was literally like looking at caramel. I feel warm and excited.

I receive the following messages;

Nikolas 'I want to get to know you' - I'm sat thinking hmm.. direct.

Me ' Hello Nikolas. How are you?'

Nikolas ' Very well thanks, you?'


And you get the gist! We spoke briefly about what our day was currently encountering. Until I received once again another direct message from Nikolas. It read ''Lets talk, not sure about this texting business'' I thought HOLY MOSES. This guy wants to call me? this is forward considering we had only been talking for no longer than 30 minutes. I reply telling him he is brave and he replies sending me his telephone number. Cocky little fucker.

I send him a text, he calls. I answer the phone. A strong European accent pours down the phone resembling Borat telling me how I have child bearing hips! I hang up immediately. Heart racing thinking WHAT THE FUCK. ha!

It rings again, I reluctantly answer again, trying to not let an accent sway my opinion. A well spoken warm voice filters through my phone. Its him. The cocky little fucker that thinks its funny to do that to women he has just met! I am laughing, eyes watering.

Well that was an interesting first interaction..

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