The Greek

A 21 year old girl finds love from the one place she least expected to find it. The internet.


2. The culling process

I didn't ever think I was asking for an awful lot. I just wanted someone who adored me as much as I was willing to adore them. I wanted someone who was loyal, loving and fucking honest.

The dating process is fun, exciting and heart racy. I like that feeling, the feeling of knowing that the next drink you share, the next piece of food that enters your mouth could be shared with someone who is going to change your entire world.

It's all I longed for. Security. I had a type, tall dark and handsome. If I'm honest that's all I have ever dated.

One thing was apparent I attracted money. Money? some of you would question why is this a problem. It was a huge problem. The men that had money were club owners, hoteliers, bankers. NO.NO.NO! Club owners for one- huge mistake. No time and I couldn't trust them. Hoteliers- one in particular, born into money, not knowing the true value, threw his money at club tables at the weekends spending 5k easily with nothing to show but a horrible hangover.

Where were the men that worked hard but felt there was something missing in their life. The men who had a set career, ambition and focus. The men that admitted defeat, that they needed a strong minded woman to enter their lives. * puts hand in the air- me.

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