The Greek

A 21 year old girl finds love from the one place she least expected to find it. The internet.


1. 1. Itchy index finger.

My right index finger travelled left to right. Choosing shallowly the people who could and could not talk to me. What a world we live in. I'd constantly be uploading photos of myself so people knew I wasn't fake/ a sausage hoarder (a whore) carefully selecting ones that complimented me the best but also ones where I appeared to pour out my personality. The hardest thing about the internet is that it's all based upon looks and what you enter into your 360 letters only box.

I am 5ft 6, slim frame, dark long hair and the most personable person in the world! I would constantly ask myself why me? I had been single for three years due to finally-well to be quite frank- not taking anymore bullshit from my ex boyfriend who decided to cheat on me a good 3-5 times throughout the relationship.

The past three years were spent dating, dating? what a word. What does that mean to you now a days? What do guys class that as? What do women?

Well to me it was trial and error. It was a selection process where I would meet up with someone- whether it be dinner or drinks, some occasions both. In order to find the one. For me it wasn't about where we were- even though sometimes I was whisked away to some beautiful restaurants, the surroundings faded into the background as soon as I engaged with the person sitting in front of me.

I was like a horse with blinkers...


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