Just say no

When Alice's best friend Kelly starts to hang around with the popular kids at school things take a turn for the worst and one night will change their lives forever.


1. I don't smoke

Hi guys, just a little message from me. I know this chapter is short and it may not be the best but I struggle to write in length and detail. I'm writing this for fun and if you don't enjoy reading it then you don't have to. Anyway, happy reading:


'Oh come one Alice, come and sit with us.' Kelly said

'Ok, ok I'm coming' I said as Kelly pulled me along with her.

It was lunchtime and Kelly wanted me to join her and her new friends for lunch. We'd been best friends since primary school and spent most of our school days together. That is until a few weeks ago when Kelly got in with the popular crowd. She wouldn't tell me how she managed it but she's been spending break and lunchtimes with them ever since. We may be bestfriends but we're completely different, like chalk and cheese. Kelly is confident and outgoing whereas I'm more sensible and reserved. Hence why I've refused to join Kelly and the others for lunch every day this week. I agreed today because I find it hard to say no to Kelly and I really missed her when she was with the others. We did have other friends to sit with but it wasn't the same without Kelly.

As I followed Kelly I wondered where she was going. Why wasn't she stopping to sit at one of the lunch tables?

'Kelly? Where are we going?' I asked

'Oh, we don't eat lunch here Alice. We eat over there' she said as she headed towards the back of the science block.

'But we're not supposed to go up there.' I said.

Kelly didn't listen and kept on walking. I knew I shouldn't have followed her but I'd missed my best friend and if it meant spending time with people I didn't really know and breaking a school rule I was willing to do so at that point. After all, the science block wasn't far and it wasn't like anyone was doing anything illegal back there. At least that's what I thought until I turned the corner with Kelly and my vision was instantly clouded with smoke.

'Kelly they're smoking. Did you know about this?' I asked her as I pulled her aside.

'Shh keep you're voice down. It's only a few cigarettes Alice. Don't be such a goody two shoes' Kelly said and walked over to join the group. 

Wow, that stung. Kelly had never said anything like that to me before. Why on earth would she want to hang around with people at school who smoke? I turned to leave just as Kelly began to introduce me to the others.

'Guys this is Alice. Alice this is the gang. Jasmine, Katie, Amy, Mollie, Jess, Tommy, James, Chris and Riley.' Kelly Said

'Hi' I said, nervously.

They all waved or nodded their heads in acknowledgement.

'Want a cig?' The girl called Jasmine asked. She seemed to be the leader of the group judging by the way everyone was sat around her.

'Erm, no thanks. I don't smoke'. I said.

'Oh another one who doesn't smoke. You should meet Riley over there, he doesn't smoke either. Honestly you would think It's bad for you or something'. She laughed and everyone joined in. 

I sat on the steps next to Kelly and thought about what had just happened. Did they all think it was 'cool' to smoke? And did Jasmine really just joke about smoking being bad for you? And also, why didn't she mention that Kelly doesn't smoke either? I ate my lunch in silence while the others chatted about music and what everyone had planned for the weekend. I'm going to get to the bottom of this and find out why Kelly wants to hang around with these people, I thought to myself.


After the school bell rang to signal the end of our last lesson Kelly and I began to walk out of the school and head home when Jasmine and her group called us over.

'Girls. Are you two coming to Tommy's house tomorrow night? His parents are going out and said he could have some friends over.' Jasmine said.

'Um, no thank you.' I started to say but Kelly interrupted me.

'Of course we'll be there, wouldn't miss it. See you all tomorrow night then' she said.

Normally I would have put up a fight and refused to go but Mum had been nagging me for a while to go out more and I had to figure out why Kelly was hanging around with the others and stop her from getting into trouble.

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