Just say no

When Alice's best friend Kelly starts to hang around with the popular kids at school things take a turn for the worst and one night will change their lives forever.


2. I don't drink

At 7pm on Saturday night Kelly and I rang the bell on Tommy's house and waited for someone to open the door. I was slightly nervous that I was over dressed for just hanging out at someone's house but Kelly had told me to 'dress up'. I'd kept my outfit simple, a t-shirt, a knee length skirt (which Kelly had hitched up) and minimal make up. Kelly on the other hand was wearing a very small tank top, denim hot pants and bright red lipstick.  'Don't look so nervous Alice, we're here to have fun.' Kelly said to me as Tommy opened the door and let us in. Evidently my idea of fun was completely different to everyone else's. I thought Tommy was having 'a few friends' over. It looked like half the school was in his house. I followed Kelly into the kitchen and was met with the sight of plastic cups, beer bottles and cans of cider. Jasmine and her gang were all in there. 'Alright Alice? Here, have a drink' Jasmine said as she offered me a bottle of beer. 'No thanks, I don't drink' I said, shocked. 'Wow you really are like Riley. You don't smoke, you don't drink. You two should go out together, you're both as boring as each other' Jasmine laughed. I couldn't believe what I was witnessing. We were 15 years old, we shouldn't be smoking and drinking. I walked out of the kitchen, through the house and out to the front door. I was about to leave when Kelly stopped me. 'Alice, did you have to embarrass me like that? Why didn't you take the drink, it was only a beer.' Kelly said angrily. 'Kelly if you think smoking and drinking when we're under age is cool then I don't know who you are anymore.' I said with tears running down my face. I walked away as fast as I could. I hated confrontation and didn't want to argue with Kelly. It was true though, I didn't know who she was anymore. Where had my best friend gone? ************** Chapter 3 coming soon. Sorry I know the chapters are short but it's just how I like to write.
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