All The Small Things

Just a thing I wrote about how the little things you do for your significant other or even family and friends. I'm sorry cause this is actually kinda suckish.


1. One

(This is really shitty I am so sorry. Based off a stupid commercial aha) 

The first time he made me a paper crane was the first time I met him. He walked into class, a beautiful smile, glasses and slightly curly hair; more cute than anyone I've ever seen and as he sat in front of me he smiled. I teased him by poking him on the shoulder and using my foot to caress the side of his thigh and each time he would turn around and blush like crazy. I wrote him a note asking for his number and after a few minutes and some serious paper folding he handed me a origami paper crane and a slip of paper with his number on it. I simply tucked the paper crane in my backpack and ignoring it until I got home and put it into a metal container and forgot about it 

Till the next time he gave me one. I was passing him in the hall and I pushed him against a set of lockers and teased him by putting both my hands behind his head and running my fingers into his hair, our bodies flushed close together and his cheeks heated. I got so close to kissing him but the bell rang and he shoved another small paper crane in my hand as he walked away, pushing his glasses up his nose. Same as the last paper crane I put it in the metal container. 

As the days went by I'd still tease him in the halls when I pass him and in the classes I have with him. Each time he'd pass me a paper crane and this went on for a really long time, we almost never spoke but he knew I had a thing for him because  of how I fondly teased him and I knew he had a thing for me because he kept coming back, kept sitting in front of me and purposely passing me in the halls, and each time giving me a paper crane. 

Finally I worked up the nerve to ask him out, he agreed to go out with me and easily handed me a paper crane. Our date was perfect and I learned a lot about him, and I almost kissed him. The paper crane subject never came up, so I assumed he had a thing for making them and he probably gave them to everyone. 

Four years later and every day without missing one he gave me a paper crane. I'm not sure if he thinks I threw them away or lost them but after he started hanging out with me and coming over he would leave them on my dresser. The whole nerd look totally covered up how attractive he could be if you got him talking about a subject he loved, he wasn't that nerd that wore giant glasses and dropped his books in a fluster constantly. Especially in bed. 

So we went on dates and he came over to cuddle and watch a film, everything was great. We spoke about college and our families, and I found out he's a whole lot deeper than the schools biggest nerd. 

But one day when he was being rather rough in bed he knocked over a random metal container on accident. When he saw the contents he started to cry. White paper cranes scattered the floor and there were too many to count. " saved every one of them?" He asked through tears. "Every one" I confirm and he dives to hug me. "Don't you make those for everyone though?" I asked. "Sure, but they leave them or throw them away" he said and then I realised then that it means a whole lot to people when you consider the small things, as small as saving something thing they made you. 

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