We Get So Disconnected

A short oneshot of a midnight adventure I went on once and sadly thought of 5sos the whole time. Disconnected played whilst I was on my midnight adventure and this was the outcome.


1. One

With all our backpacks full and ready I say "guys let's go damn it" and open the front door of my house. "Wait" Ashton says and stands in front of the door. "Oh what the fuck now?" Calum asks. "No shoes" Ashton says. Me and Luke both shrug and Calum rolls his eyes but obliges and we head out of my house barefoot. We walk across my driveway in the pale moonlight and I admire the cool weather. Ashton shivers and I shrug my jumper off and put it over his head and he smiles before tugging it on and continues walking. The city sleeps as we walk around, and really they're missing out. Calum's mobile plays "Heart Out" by The 1975 and it really makes the mood. "What's with the barefoot thing?" Luke asks. "I honestly don't know" Ashton admits and we all laugh. "Skittles?" Luke offers and hands me a bag of skittles. "Naturally" I mutter and roll my eyes. Always the sweets with this kid. I take a few and throw the bag back to him and chew them whilst walking. "So who has the flashlights again?" Calum asks for the third time tonight. "Luke!" Me and Ashton both yell at the same time. "Me!" Luke yells and Calum raises his hands in surrender. "Are you scared of the dark kiwi boy? Need a flashlight?" I tease. He rolls his eyes and keeps walking as I laugh at how funny I am. Luke moves closer to Calum and sneaks his hand under the back of his shirt and slowly strokes his skin; back and forth on his lower back. Ashton wiggles his eyebrows and smirks at them and at me and I laugh but neither of them seem to notice. Ashton sticks his hand out and I grab it and walk with him and enjoy the night. 

When we get to the tunnel that we've been planning to graffiti for awhile we go through the backpacks till we find all the flashlights, spray paint and breathing masks. 

"Australian Bansky eh?" Ashton remarks, muffled by the mask as I start to spray. I shove him to the side and he lets out a little laugh. Calum sprays lyrics in black and dark purple, Luke uses lots of patters and colours and Ashton strictly uses dark blue. I broaden my spectrum of using only black and red, and I use lilac and mint green. 

We all work on separate parts of the tunnel and the later the night gets we start to get close to each other and we have to blend our sprays together. My little monster characters and video game logos fade into Luke's colourful patterns that could almost be Zentangle and Ashton's now blue, green and magenta floral design fades behind Calum's blue and purple overlapping lyrics and I admire how good it looks. "Sick mates" Ashton comments as we take a step back and admire our tunnel. "Yea fuckin sick" Luke adds. "Tags?" Ashton asks and I nod. We each go back quickly to our corners and spray our tags on our art. "Where next?" Luke asks. "Food" I say and he nods. We throw the cans out in the trash bins around the park as we sit at the playground and eat cold pizza from our backpacks. "Do you ever wonder if the stars shine out for you, float down, like autumn leaves" plays through Calum's mobile, and it fits perfectly for tonight because of all the stars out. Calum and Ashton swing on the swings quietly and I sit on the edge of one of the slides. "Can we play wood chips?" Ashton asks and I laugh. "Don't laugh at me I'm being serious" he says and it makes me laugh more. "Fuck you" he says and crosses his arms. "Whatever let's play wood chips then" I say and he quickly hops off the swing. "You wanted to play, you have to go first" I say and he nods. He closes his eyes and Calum spins him around and runs off. Ash counts to ten and the runs around the play ground with his eyes closed. "Wood chips!" He shouts and I scan to see if Luke or Cal are on the wood chips. Both of them are safe and Ashton keeps walking into things and laughing. "Over here" I tease and run past him without getting tagged. "You bastard!" He shouts and chases my voice. I climb to the top of the play castle and sit and watch as Luke runs on his tippy toes across the wood chips to get to the swings. As soon as he sits on the swing Ash calls chips again and he smirks proudly for not getting caught. Calum is left on the park with Ash and he can't help but laugh as Ashton keeps walking into poles and tripping up the play sets stairs with his eyes closed. Eventually Ashton groans and laughs in frustration because he can't find anyone and sits down. "I give up" he says. "Oh good cause I'm tired of being up here" I say and when he opens his eyes and sees me up on top of the play castle his mouth falls open. "That's not fair!" He shouts. Luke laughs and when Ashton sees him he gets even more distraught and glares at the both of us. "I hate you two, Calum you're my only friend" Ashton declares and walls over to Calum. Calum grins wide and pats Ashton on the back and winks at me and then at Luke. "You know Calum was practically behind you the whole time" I state. Ashton glares at Calum and says "traitor" and mutters something as he walks away from him, towards the backpacks. "Ooh Kool Aid!" Ashton exclaims as he digs through Luke's backpack. "That didn't take long" I say and Calum nods whilst rolling his eyes. "Wow okay leave my backpack alone dude!" Luke shouts and walks over to Ashton who is rummaging through Luke's backpack. "Yummy!" Ashton says and throws and handful of jelly beans at Luke. "Waster" Luke says. I climb down from the castle and head to my backpack which has my DS in it. "Give me that back!" Luke shouts and chases Ashton through the park, Ashton holding Luke's penguin stuffed animal above his head and giggling like a maniac. Calum walks up and sits next to me and leans into my shoulder, putting his arm around my shoulder and watching me play Pokemon. "Ow, be nice" I whine as Calum nibbles my ear lobe a little too hard. "Sowee" he says in a little kid voice. "Hey give me that" Luke says to me as he walks up to us and sticks his arms out like a zombie in aim for Calum. I roll my eyes and continue playing my game as Luke pulls Calum away from my side and it gets cold. Ashton comes seconds later and pushes his head into my lap and looks up at me as I play my game, randomly poking my chin just to try to distract me and push my buttons. "Can you not?" I ask him dryly. "Jesus, I'm sorry to rain on your nerd parade" he says and gets off my lap, leaving me cold again. "No come back your warm" I say and pull his wrist back down. He gives me a quick kiss and lays back down with a smile. Like anyone, he likes to feel wanted. Calum and Luke come back to the table and Calum pulls out a small pocket knife and carves the date into the wooden table, adding to all the other dates we've done this, which now this list is quite long and it surprises me that the park hasn't removed the table yet for vandalism. Calum yawns and it causes me to yawn, and after I yawn Luke and Ashton follow. "Well shit, that was contagious" Luke says and we all laugh. "Bed time?" Calum asks. "Mhm" I say and save my game. After I save I turn my DS off and we all get up and pull our backpacks on and walk another mile. 

When we get to Luke's giant back yard we act like we're far from home or something as we set up blankets and pillows all next to each other. Calum lays to Luke's left, I lay to Luke's right and Ashton lays to my right. "Why do we do this?" Luke asks innocently. "Well it's fun and the stars are nice" Ashton replies. "Because we get to unhook from reality and be ourselves" I reply. "Because we can"Calum replies. Calum passes Luke his penguin stuffed animal and Luke quickly cuddles it against Calum's side. I cuddle into Luke's side and Ashton cuddles into mine and it all works out like four best friends should. 

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