Thnks Fr Th Mmrs (oneshot)

Ashton gets stuck in traffic and meets a cutie with teal hair and a good music taste


1. One

"Ashton Fletcher Irwin get downstairs right now" my mum yells. I sigh but oblige and get up from my bed, grabbing my headphones, mobile, and my suitcase as I walk out of my room. I take my suitcase to the car and plug my headphones in as I get in the back seat of the car, and immediately rolling down the window. I watch as my mum locks the front door of our house and walks to the car and hops in the front seat. She mouths something to me but I don't pay attention because my headphones are blaring "Welcome To Paradise" by Green Day. She pulls out and drives, and I sigh, knowing that I'll be sitting here for the next thirteen hours because she refuses to fly. We drive for hours, I listen to music the whole time and eat the crisps mum packed for me and it makes it a little less boring then I expected. I scroll through all my social media websites and play a few apps on my mobile but I get bored easily so I just resort to looking out the window and tapping my finger on the side of the car along to the drums in all of the songs I listen to. When we've been driving for about five hours we arrive on highways and it goes smoothly for awhile but then we come to an abrupt pile of traffic. The cars are all stopped, even people getting out and eating, talking, walking around so I know we'll be here for awhile. Mum looks in the rear view mirror to see if we can reverse but there's already three cars behind us so we sit. "Hey" someone says. "Hey mate what are you listening to?" Someone asks and I look up, and spot a boy around my age with bright dyed teal hair mostly covered by a SnapBack and hot pink headphones on sitting in the back seat of the car next to me. "Uh 'Kashmir' by Led Zeppelin" I say and a huge smile grows on his face. He pushes the headphones off his head and let them rest on his neck."That's such a good song" he says. "What about you?" I ask, I mean why not get into a conversation with a boy that may or may not be cute and actually wants to talk to me. "Oh 'The Rock Show' by Blink-182" he says and that makes me smile. He's cute and has a good music taste. "I'm Ashton" I say and stick my fist out the window "I'm Michael" he says and fist bumps me. "Do you know what's going on up there?" I ask. "Yeah huge accident, bunch of Semi trucks and a few smaller cars." He says. "How do you know?" I ask. "Oh I went up there to look" he says and I nod. "Where ya headed?" He asks. "Ah holiday with me mum" I say and motion my head to my mum. "Oh cool" he says and nods. "You?" I ask. "Same, holiday with family" he says and nods his head at his parents in the front seat. "So you listen to Blink, who else?" I ask. "A bit of Green Day, The Stones, Def Leppard, KISS, Led Zeppelin, Metallica, All Time Low, Misfits, Grateful Dead, Fall Out Boy, Sex Pistols, My Chemical Romance, Queen, AC/DC, Meatloaf, Elvis, and maybe some pop stuff like Katy Perry and Panic! At The Disco but I'll never tell" he says, the last part laced with sass and it just makes me smile. "Your turn" he says an points at me "a lot of that stuff, Green Day, The Stones, Led Zeppelin, Blink, Fall Out Boy, Grateful Dead, Queen, AC/DC, Misfits, and a few others like Hendrix, Slipknot, The Weekend, Joy Division, Coldplay, and yeah maybe a little Katy P too" I say and add the last part with a grin. He nods and adjusts his SnapBack. "I play drums" I say and I don't really know why. He smiles and replies with "I play guitar" and reaches over the seat and zips open a guitar bag and flashes a teal blue guitar. "Do you always make your hair match your guitar?" I ask with a slightly joking tone. "Not the first time I've heard that one and no not really, coincidental i guess" he says and I nod. "Well it's cool" I say and flash him a smile. "First time I've heard that though" he says in a joking tone but ends up staring at the ground outside the car. "Serious?" I ask, genuinely wondering why anyone wouldn't think he's not cool. "Yeah I only have like one friend and I'm not the most popular at school" he says, and his voice trails off when he talks about school and I assume it's a lot more then 'not the most popular.' "I'll be your friend" I say and he smiles. "really?" He asks. "Yeah you are cool mate, and I assume you want to be my friend too by the way you started this whole thing" I say and gesture between our two cars. "Yeah i'd like that...thanks" he says. "I only have one friend too" I say. "Two, hello" he says and waves in front of my face. It makes me laugh and I nod and say "yes okay two friends" and it gives him a satisfied look. A patrolmen gets on top of a car and tries to get everyone's attention. "We are incredibly sorry for the hold up, but we'll be here for about another forty minutes due to the size of the accident and the dangerous fluids that got spilled" he yells and hops off the car after his speech. Dozens of people groan and shout things in anger and frustration but I find myself happy because that means I get a whole forty more minutes with Michael. He gets the same idea and looks over at me and says "well Ashton it looks like you're stuck with me for a whole forty more minutes" and laughs. "I would have worded that differently, more like the 'privilege to' not 'stuck with' you" I say and he blushes. "Oh want some worms?" He says and i raise an eyebrow in confusion from that question. He reaches over to the seat next to him and calms my skeptical thoughts by sticking a bag of neon sugar coated gummy worms out the window at me. "What'd you think I meant real worms?" He asks and I laugh. "For a second there yeah" I admit and he rolls his eyes in fondness. "Sure though" I say and reach out the window to grab a few gummy worms. I throw them in my mouth and reach over to the seat next to me so I can offer him some crisps. "Crisps?" I ask and reach the bag out the window. "Thanks mate" he says and grabs a few. "Thirty nine more minutes" he says and it flatters me that he is counting, which is stupid because he just wants to be friends. "Favourite colour?" I ask. "Black or red" he says and looks at me and asks "what about you?" "Blue or red" I say and he nods. "Favourite food?" I ask. "Pizza all the way" he says. "Mines tacos or summat" I say and he nods. It gets quiet and slightly awkward but he breaks that by sticking his iPhone out the window and at me, and at first I'm confused as to why he is sticking an iPhone out the window but I realise it's open on the contact page and he wants my number. I smile and take the mobile from him and type in my number and even take a silly selfie to put into the caller ID picture. I hand his mobile back to him and he smiles. 

We talk more, he goes on a speech about video games and I tell him about the time I went to a Blink concert and I really enjoy his company and he's also quite cute. 

A patrolman gets on top of one of the cars again and shouts "we are all finished now, thank you for your patience, please start getting back in your vehicles and we will open in five minutes. At that people that were outside of their cars start getting back in and starting their cars up again. "Well Michael I guess that forty minutes went a whole lot faster then I thought" I say and he nods. "I have your number though so I'll text you if that's alright?" He asks. "For sure" I say and I watch as he turns and he fist pumps at the empty seat next to him and I don't think I was suppose to see that. Cars start to move in front of us and I can see the smile on Michael's face falter a bit. When there's only three cars left in front of us Michael jumps out of his car and leans through my window and places a quick kiss on my cheek and hops in the car just in time for his parents to start moving again and I can feel my cheeks burning. It was really fucking risky for him to go out on a limb there and kiss me like that, for all he knows I could have been straight, but I really admire his bravery and I watch as his car disappears and a puff of teal blue covered by a SnapBack shows through the rear window. He sends me a text and all it says is 


 and I smile wide before sending him a message back that says 

-definitely. More than okay-

The read receipt shows as soon as I send the message and oh man I'm already in too deep. 

-you're cute, wish I could've told you to your face- 

his message says, and I blush.  I look up from my mobile trying to find the teal patch of hair brightly showing through his SnapBack and a rear window but I don't see anything I quickly reply 

-you did a fuckin brilliant job showing me, it means a whole lot more than telling me- 

Referring to the kiss. "You' fancy that boy with hair the teal colour?" My mum asks and I nod. "He's cute" she agrees and turns back to her driving. I put on my sunglasses and look back at my mobile and his message says 

-I try...Can I call you? Hate seeing your words in pixels when I know what your voice sounds like- 

And I roll my eyes in endearment before I click the mobile button to ring him. "Hi" he says cheekily when he picks up. "Hello" I say. "How's it goin?" He asks. "Good, just met this great chap that's got brilliant teal hair and a nice smile" I say and I can hear him breath out a laugh. "Wow, I bet he's nothing compared to the bloke I just met that's got this amazing laugh and a killer taste in music" he says and it makes me blush. "Oh fuckin stop" I whine whilst covering my face in embarrassment. "You're cute when you're flustered" he says and I look around to see if I can see him cause apparently he can see me. His car is a few cars in front of mine and immediately my stomach does flips when I see the bright teal sticking out of his SnapBack and large smile. "Hi" I say through the mobile and wave. He waves back and giggles and I melt inside. "I live in Sydney" I share, a small hope inside that he lives close, not too many cities away. "no fucking do I" he says and my stomach drops. 

Later through the call we clear up all the confusion, all the questions of 'how had I not met you sooner' and 'what school do you go to?' And the conversation is nice, it's really just bless to be able to talk to someone. I decide that Michael is the cutest boy ever when he has to end the call and says "I love you... I mean...ohshitsorry" and fumbles over his words. "Hey, relax it's okay. I love you too Mikey" I say and smile to myself. "Oh you... Thank you, love you too Ash" he says and oh my god yep he's the cutest boy to ever walk to planet. We hang up and we still have about an hour left of driving. Mum glances at me occasionally through the rear view mirror and she rolls her eyes finally and says "can't wipe that smile off your face huh? He's got you that deep and you've only know him for forty minutes and a six hour talk over mobile?" I roll my eyes in fondness and I try to hide my blush with my sleeves but you can read it on my face and it's my mum so there's really no point. "He lives in Sydney too. When we get back I think I'll ask him out" I say and get really excited for when we get back, and it's actually really pathetic because I've been looking forward to this holiday with my mum and now I already want it over because some teal haired nerd with a cute smile. "Well then I already know this holiday is shot because he's the only thing that's going to be on your mind the whole time, am I right?" She asks and I drop my head in defeat because it sounds so pathetic coming out of her mouth but she's goddamned right and that embarrasses me. "Well I..." I try today but she cuts me off with "don't try to deny it Ashton" and I sigh. "I pledge to make this holiday a memorable one and not to disappoint you" I say in a bored tone and she rolls her eyes. "When you sound like that it's not very convincing" she says in a sing song voice. I repeat myself in a more enthusiastic tone like an art teacher on her first day of class with a bunch of children, and she nods with a toothless grin on her face that accepts my fake enthusiasm more than my legit boredom. 

"Well here we are, I was kind enough to get us two separate rooms just so you're aware, nothing big like being the mum of the year or anything" she says as we pull up to a nice hotel. "Ah Mumma you don't need that award because with getting me my own room will give you blessings better than mum of the year" I say and kiss her cheek from the backseat, and I pump my fist in the air because maybe I can skype Michael. I carry her bags for her and even check us both in and she picks up on it faster than I suspected when she says "I know you're doing this just to kiss my ass" in a bored tone and stands leaning on one hip and crosses her arms whilst glaring at me. I raise my hands and back away from her because I don't want to be cut by the daggers she's shooting at me with her eyes. When we get to our rooms I immediately plug in my laptop and mobile and text Michael suggesting a skype call. 

-Sounds great just let me grab my laptop-

His message says and I smile wide. I look at myself in the mirror and start to run a hand through my hair and then roll my eyes. A message beeps on my mobile and I search his Skype name and shortly after my stomach does those stupid fucking flips that only 12 year old girls should get. He picks up the call and I try as hard as I can not to smile but when his face is half hidden under white hotel duvets and I can only see his eyes and hair and his cheeks rising  and I can't help but smile myself. "You're cute when you try not to smile, putting your hands up to try and cover your face that's so adorable" he starts and I roll my eyes and blush. "You know I'm 19 but you're making me act 14" I say. He giggles, he fucking giggles and oh my god it's adorable. "Well I'm 17..." He says and rolls over, and when he rolls back he's got a stuffed pikachu "and I have this so..." He says and puts it under his chin "it's okay to be 14" he says finally and I laugh. It's my turn to roll over and go through my suitcase that I haven't even unpacked yet. I dig to the middle and pull out my pony and he actually inhales in surprise when I roll back over and put it in front of the camera. "Oh my god that's fuckin adorable" he says, in all seriousness and that just makes my fondness for him so much bigger. "Do you want it?" I ask. "Wait what you're offering me your badass stuffed animal?" He asks, surprised. "Ah yeah, like when we both get back to Sydney and meet up I'll bring 'em" I say and he nods. "So I've had my hair teal for awhile, I want to change it soon I think, what colour should I change it to?" He asks. I put the pony in front of the camera and he laughs. "Okay bright ass pink it is" he says and I laugh. "Aren't you worried you'd go bald?" I ask and laugh. "Would you still love me if I was bald?" He asks, and I put up a finger to the screen to block out his hair, and I squint a little and tilt my head and then say "yeah yup" and he giggles and says "then nope not worried a bit." 

A voice comes from his side of the call and I presume it's his mum by the way the feminine voice says "Michael Gordon Clifford I thought I told you not to bring anything to this holiday that involves gaming or blogging!" And I hold back a laugh. He rolls his eyes and blushes as he turns around on his bed and yells back "mum I'm on a skype call with the bloke we met in traffic today!" And I swear it's one of the funniest things ever to hear them go back and forth and the various expressions that cross Michael's face. He blushes when she talks about video games or blogs or anything to do with being the major nerd he is, and he rolls his eyes when she talks about how bad these things are and they're melting his brain and it's so comical to me. "Mum can I get back to my call?" He huffs out. "Yeah. Tell pretty boy I said hi" she says and i laugh so hard and Michael covers his face with the hotel duvet. "Oh my fucking god I am so sorry about that" he says, embarrassed and flustered and all it does is make me smile. "Two more minutes Michael" she yells and he frowns. "Fives my lucky number how about five?" He asks and I swear I can hear her do a fake laugh. "Fair enough" she says and he turns back to the camera and smiles. "Well Ashton thanks for all this" he says and motions between the computer and the camera. "I enjoyed it as well thank you Michael" I say and tilt my head. "Before you go to bed I want to tell you that you're very pretty and I hope you have dreams of ponies" he says and I laugh. "You're fucking adorable and you try so hard for this badass image with a pierced eyebrow and blue hair and Blink shirts but in reality you're this kitten who is overly impressed with all things magical" I say and put both my hands in the air, gesturing like a rainbow. "Yeah I guess so" he says and blushes. "Well you're very pretty too and I hope your dreams are nice and of sweet things as sweet as you" I say. He scrunches up his nose and squints his eyes and giggles a little before blowing a kiss at the camera and I roll my eyes in fondness and blow a kiss back and end the call. I sigh and close my computer and when I look up I see my mum staring at me from my doorframe, and she has this look on her face that says "I'm judging you so hard right now" and I can't help but hide myself under all my covers in embarrassment. "Sweet things as sweet as you? When did you start getting sappy and feminine?" She asks and I blush. "Since I met this really sweet boy in traffic hours ago" I say, muffled by the covers. "Well I'll say. this bloke has you in deep already" she says in a mocking tone and I throw one of the pillows in her direction. "No need to get smart" she whips and it makes me laugh. "Go to bed lover boy" she says and walks out. "Love you mum!" I yell and hope she heard. I roll over and rest my chin on one of the pillows and fall asleep thinking about the boy with teal blue hair and an adorable nose and cute tiny fingers and the most pretty smile I've ever seen. 

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