Beofre Time Runs Out, Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction.

Sequel to Before I Met You.
Ellen Aprils is back in London and she has a new addition to the world. Ellen wants to keep her presence a secret from Louis as she is fully aware of his new relationship that she presumed he was happy in. Everything goes there way after Louis is caught cheating on his previous girlfriend with Ellen, after spending a few days at a music festival has photos leaked of their moments.


35. Thank You!

I just wanted to say thank you for reading!!

I hope you liked it or even loved it.

I hope you read 'Before I Met You' before 'Before Time Runs Out'

And I hope the jump from stories was good.

(It was my first time doing a Sequel.)

Let me know what you thought in the

Comments and it would be a great help if

You liked and favourite. (If you haven’t already.)

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