Beofre Time Runs Out, Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction.

Sequel to Before I Met You.
Ellen Aprils is back in London and she has a new addition to the world. Ellen wants to keep her presence a secret from Louis as she is fully aware of his new relationship that she presumed he was happy in. Everything goes there way after Louis is caught cheating on his previous girlfriend with Ellen, after spending a few days at a music festival has photos leaked of their moments.


7. 7

Next day

Ellen’s POV

“You missed a bit.” I tell London as she starts my next nail, the red paint only covering half my nail and most of the top section on my finger, she moves back to the previous finger and rubs the brush over it, I know it isn’t going to be in the best condition once she is finished but I guess I will let her have her fun. “Last one.” I say and she repeats my words as she observes her work. “Very pretty, thank you.” I say as I hold my hand between us more of the red polish on my skin then my nails.

“My turn.” She says as she takes a seat on the lounge, when I turn my body to face her, her hands are held out ready for me but the door sounds interrupting us, I place the red polish bottle on the coffee table and make my way up to the door, clicking the lock and opening it to fine Louis.

“Hi.” He greets with an unsure smile.

“Hello.” I look back into the apartment before back to him, “What are you doing here?”

“Are you going to ask me that every time I knock on your door? What do you think im doing here, Ellen.” I pull the door open and step aside.

“Come in.” It sounds more like a question then anything and he steps in, London greets him and he does the same back to her, “Did you want a drink or anything?” I ask and he denies.

“Nice nails by the way. I always liked the red.” I hide my hands behind my back as discreetly as I can but I think he noticed.

“She’s asleep?” Louis asks as I sit down beside him clutching my wine glass as I nod, I take a seat and settle into the lounge, looking out the windows as rain is spat against the glass.

“When was she born?” I purse my lips as I swallow the red drink.

“May thirteenth.” I tell him and he nods, I pick at the polish around my nails as Louis and I talk, Im not sure how long past but I was sitting with a leg tucked under me, on arm over the back of the chair as I sipped my fifth glass of wine, Louis and I laughing together as we recall old memories.

“I was so in love with you.” He says taking a sip from his glass.

“Was?” his head turns in my direction as he lowered his glass to rest on his thigh.

“Am.” Something possessed me and I started to lean towards him, my eyes flicking to his lips and meet his again as his flick to mine, the hand that isn’t holding my wine glass gently presses to his right cheek as our lips connect in a soft, slow kiss. His spare hand gripping my side, sliding under my shirt, fingers and palm pushing into the small of my back, bringing me closer, I pull back gripping his glass and placing both his and mine on the coffee table before pushing my lips to his again, a part of my brain screaming at me to stop but I shut it out, not listening. My legs either side of his hips as I now straddle is waist, my fingers in his hair as our kiss deepens, as the ham of my shirt is lifted I replace his hands, crossing my arm over my body and pulling the fabric over my head and down my arms, were joined in a kiss before I can ever discarded of the clothing, Louis takes it from between us throwing it aside before sitting up straight and wrapping his arms around me, his palms and fingers spread across my back. The beat of my heart rapid as I search for the ham of his shirt, once found the thin cotton is removed and I am hugged to his body, my arms around his neck as skin touched skin, his hands trailing down my back until he cupped my butt, squeezing every so often. I moan against his lips causing a smile to appear on his face, my fingers fisting his hair and my head thrown back as his lips travel the length of my neck, finding its destination at my collar, sucking the two small bones, fingers trailing around my waist band until his fingers found their way in and he started to tug my trackies down my thighs, I giggle as we struggle to remove them in my straddle position, eventually they were removed and discarded to the side, Louis’ hands squeezing my butt though the thin material of my underwear, my hands taking in his strong chest.

Next day

I was awake but my eyes were still closed, an incredibly uncomfortable and heard object under my body, my head slightly pounding and when I go to open my eyes a bright white light makes my head thump, I can only assume it’s the sun from the open curtains and im glad the rain has cleared up. The warm object shifts under me and I am surprised when I noticed it’s a person, my eyes shooting open at the realisation, my lashes hitting my cheeks numerous times until I can make out the male below me and I thump to the floor after rolling off his body, I jump to my feet, my headache forgotten as I scurry to grab my clothes, Louis watching on in amusement, I pull my shirt over my head and jump into my pants, my underwear still on the floor and the evidence of last night sitting right on the coffee table, a bottle of red wine and two half less than half full glasses sitting beside it.

“Oh my god.” I mumble as my palm reaches for my flushed forehead before wiping down my face until my fingers are over my mouth, Louis now sitting and leaning over to grab his briefs, “We did not have sex last night.” I say more to myself as I turn away from Louis standing gathering his clothes, my eyes squeezed closed as I rub my temple.

“I think we did.” Louis says and I turn to see him observing a condom full of white liquid, the rubber between his fingers off to the side of his face, my lips pop open as I watch on.

“This is not happening.” I shuffle around pushing the cork in the bottle of wine, I grip the glasses, the red wine swishing around slightly as I carry it to the kitchen and almost slam them on the bench, the wine is placed in the cooler. I lean against the island bench, not facing Louis as I think, and I don’t even know what I should be thinking about, we just had sex, Louis and me just had sex for the first time in almost three years, Louis has a girlfriend, what the hell got into me?

“You alright?” Louis is amused and I turn to face him.

“No, I’m not. How could we let this happen?” and at that moment London calls my name, I look towards the opening to the bedroom then back to Louis, “You need to Leave.” He just looks at me as London calls me again, “Now, Louis.” he pulls his t shirt over his head and makes his way towards the door, a moment later the door clicks shut and I make my way to London after she calls me for the third time, I don’t have a smile to give her as I pick her up, her arms wrapped around my neck in a hug before she gives me a kiss on the cheek, the same thing she does every morning, I kiss her cheek back and she lets a giggle fall from her lips. As I start breakfast London gets the cat food box from the cupboard and tips some in there bowl, a little too much but this morning I can’t find myself to care.

“Baby, will you see who’s at the door for mummy?” London wonders towards the door as I poor milk into two different types of cereal, I hear the door open and a happy greeting from her before I see her wonder back into the kitchen, “Who was it?” I look up after I see movement behind her and see Louis.

“What are you doing back?”

“I left my phone.” I look towards the coffee table and sure enough these two phones sitting there, when I look towards him his still watching me.

“What are you waiting for? Go get it.” he smiles at my quick talking and makes his way down the three steps grabbing his phone and standing at the end of the island tables, “You can go now.” I say as I put the orange juice back in the fridge.

“Mummy, why can’t Louis stay for breakfast?” I look towards London sitting on a stool, her spoon held in her fist as she fishes for cereal in the milk.

“Because Louis has somewhere to be.” I look back at him, a cutting glair in my eyes, he gives me a smug smile before moving towards her.

“Maybe another time, hey Angle?” he kissed her cheek and she nods in agreement, “What do you think mummy, another time?” I narrow my eyes at him as he still stands beside my daughter, get out. I mouth and he smiles, “I’ll take that as a yes.” London and him say goodbye before I follow him to the door, he steps out into the hallway but as I go to push the door closed his foot stops it, “Breakfast tomorrow?” he asks, his face too close to mine, I push my palm to his face and he steps back a step or too.

“Don’t count on it.” I close the door before he can stop me or say anything else, the lock clicked and I sigh before making my way back into the kitchen, London sipping her orange juice, I grip my glass taking a long drink to cool me before I go around the other side of the island and perch up on a stool beside London and eat my cereal.

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