Beofre Time Runs Out, Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction.

Sequel to Before I Met You.
Ellen Aprils is back in London and she has a new addition to the world. Ellen wants to keep her presence a secret from Louis as she is fully aware of his new relationship that she presumed he was happy in. Everything goes there way after Louis is caught cheating on his previous girlfriend with Ellen, after spending a few days at a music festival has photos leaked of their moments.


4. 4

Two days later

Ellen’s POV

Liam had agreed to head into the city with me, to go car shopping and just to show me around all the things that had changed, I slip into a white shirt and jeans before slipping a black cardigan over the top, a pair of white converses were slipped on my feet before I got London ready, our teeth brushed and her hair tied back while my light brown hair falls down my back.

There’s a knock at the door and I open it to reveal Liam, I greet him before London comes to the door, they say hi to one another before I lock the apartment and we are on our way down in the elevator, I met Liam’s girlfriend, Sophia, she is really nice and suits Liam really well.

We make it further into London, and go into our first car yard of the day, not long passed till we are at the second, nothing exactly interesting me, a few hours later a down payment was made on an Audi RS7 in black, before we headed towards a farmialar row of restaurants. We get a table in a Chinese restaurant, London mumbling things about chopsticks making Liam and I laugh, for a while we spoke about the boys and about how there a band now, the new ink blemishing there skin and a bit about me and London.

After lunch we decided to head towards the shops, London begging for ice cream, which Liam promised her we’d get later, he carried her while we walked along a row of stores, going into ever few, London always touching and asking for things, most of which she didn’t get because she didn’t need.

Louis’ POV

The boys and I sat around the living room while the girls were off in their own world in the kitchen of Zayn’s apartment, we weren’t really talking, mostly just on our phones, Niall and Harry tweeting away to the fans, while I just scrolled though my feed, Zayn im sure was looking at his reflection in the front camera on his phone, that was until her almost jumped from his seat causing the boys and I to laugh.

“Liam wouldn’t cheat would he?” that got our attention, it seems the boys phones were forgotten, all attention on Zayn, “Especially not with someone who has a kid.” his voice is soft, not wanting any attention gathered from the girls in the kitchen.

“Not at all!” Niall states and I agree, it wouldn’t be like Liam to cheat, that would be something that in no time frame would happen.

“Why?” Harry asks, Zayn passes him the phone, he studies it for a moment before passing it along to Niall and if eventually gets to me, the woman has light brown hair and tanned skin, her faces is covered by sunglasses the same with Liam’s, a young girl held to Liam’s side, her hair a familiar brown, a small toothy small directed at Liam as he tickles her stomach, each of the females unrecognisable and it makes me wonder who this person is.

“Should we ask Sophia?” Niall asks as I pass the phone back to Zayn, I shrug; Harry shakes his head and Zayn nods.

“No, what if he is cheating, do you really want to be the one who gave it away?”

“He wouldn’t cheat, Harry. It’s Liam his smarter than that and of cause he would have figured cameras would see.” Niall rolls his eyes.

“There are more photos, but her backs to the camera.” Zayn states, “Maybe we should ask Sophia, she might know who it is and even if something is going on she does deserve to know.”

“But Liam is our friend, we can’t tell her.”

“Shut up, Harry.” Niall shakes his head, Zayn stands along with the others while I stay put and go on my phone, I hear them chatting, she doesn’t seem unset about it.

“She’s nice, so is the baby, the most adorable little girl you could meet.” She states.

“You know them?” I head an Irish accent and know its Niall.

“Yeah, I met her a few days ago, she’s Liam’s neighbour.” My head snapped in the direction of the kitchen where I see them all standing, the boys don’t ask any more questions just start making their way back towards the lounge room, but I find my heart racing.

“What’s her name?”

“Ah.” She bights her lip in concentration, “I don’t know but the baby’s name is London, ironic huh.”

“Did she have an accent?” I can feel the boy’s eyes on me as I ask, she nods.

“Yeah, Australian.” My breath hitches in my throat, and I look towards the boys they all looked shocked, realisation hitting them as Zayn observes the photos again, I do the same after taking the phone from him, her hair is a different colour but the little girl has the hair I remember, I feel as though im going to pass out.

“What are you thinking?” my eyes snap to Harry before I scan the other boys, their eyes intently gazing at me and I shrug.

“I don’t know.” I look back at the photo, “She has a kid, and it looks just like her.”

“It also looks like-“ Harry is cut off by Niall punching him in the stomach and im left confused, a frown creasing my brow before I hand the phone back, I look towards the kitchen, Eleanor is watching me, I give her a reassuring smile and she goes back to talking with the girls.

A few hours have passed since Zayn’s place and I find myself pressing the button for the top floor of Liam’s building, the elevator dings and the doors slide open. I feel as though im walking in slow motion as I finally reach the door, my hand reaching up to knock, the soft hum of music coming from the other side before my fist makes contact with the wood, three slightly loud bangs are hopefully heard over the music.

Ellen’s POV

“Don’t go under the water till I get back, okay.” London nods and I leave her sitting in the quarter felled bath, shampoo foamed in her soft brown hair as I wipe my hands on a towel to dry them and make my way towards the door, my hand gripping the handle before pulling it open, my eyes raising up to meet blue ones, my breath hitches when I take in the face of Louis. “Louis.” I almost gasp; a small smile carves his lips.


“Hi.” I return his greeting, “ah.” I pause, “Come in?” I say more of a question then a statement; I wasn’t sure if I wanted him to refuse or if I really wanted him to come in. “I’ll just be a minute.” I tell him and I hear London whine my name when I enter the bedroom she sits in the bath her hands desperately wiping at her eyes. “London, I told you not to go under the water.” my voice raises in panic as I quickly kneel beside the bath, gripping a wash cloth and whipping her eyes, when she finally looks at me her eyes are blood shot from the sting, “Did it hurt?” she nods sadly, “Do what your told, sweetie.”

“Im sorry, mummy.” I smile and accept her small apology, laying her back and rinsing the soap from her hair I get her out of the bath and drying her off, I take her into the wardrobe getting her into her pajamas, the soft pick making her skin look tanner than it really is.

“Come on, bottle and bed.” I grip her hand and lead her into the main room, my eyes lock with Louis’ for a moment before his attention diverts to London as we walk in front of him and to the kitchen, I sit her on the island bench like I do almost every night and make her a bottle of milk, heating it to a warmer temperature before helping her down, she wonders slightly in front of me, past Louis, im not even sure she noticed him, the bottle in her mouth, I guide her into the walk way when she almost runs into the door frame and I lay her in the cot, the soft blanket is pulled over her as she drinks her milk, we say a good night before I kiss her four head, and leave again. “Did you want a drink?” I ask Louis as I enter the main room.

“Ah, no thank you.” I walk into the kitchen getting a glass of water for myself and taking a sip, Louis now stands on the other side of the island bench as I lean against the counter on the other side facing him as I drink. “She looks like you.” He tells me and I wonder if her knows.

“I know.”

“Any specific reason for naming her London?” I shrug.

“I like the name.”

“And her last name?”

“Aprils.” The nod he gives me makes me wonder if he though it would be Tomlinson, “You know?” his small nod is all the conformation I need, “Liam told you?”

“Sophia.” My brow creases in confusion, she would have no idea, “The boys and I saw photos, we asked her if she knew who you were she said you were Liam’s neighbour.” He shrugged, “I was shocked, you look so different and then Harry said the baby looked like me.” I nod not finding it easy to meet his gaze, “I thought you were going to get an abortion.” I meet his gaze finally, feeling as if I was angry he said that.

“I was.” I nod, “But I thought about it for too long and by the time I made up my mind it was too late, she is the best thing that has ever happen to me.”

“I remember you saying them words to me.” he pauses, “About me.” I shrug.

“Im just saying that im glad I didn’t terminate her, she is my life now.”

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