Beofre Time Runs Out, Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction.

Sequel to Before I Met You.
Ellen Aprils is back in London and she has a new addition to the world. Ellen wants to keep her presence a secret from Louis as she is fully aware of his new relationship that she presumed he was happy in. Everything goes there way after Louis is caught cheating on his previous girlfriend with Ellen, after spending a few days at a music festival has photos leaked of their moments.


33. 33

Week later

Ellen’s POV

London and I had to head back to Australia for a few days after a heath scared involving my dad, he had spent the night in hospital and was released after his test told the doctors he was fine, London and I spent three days there and were now on a plane heading back to Florida, London was asleep in her seat and I had a book clasped in my hands, it wasn’t a comfortable ride, a lot of turbulence causing the plane to shake quite a lot and I was glade there was only two and a half hours left of the flight.

Louis’ POV

I was standing at the airport, a stuff animal in one hand and my phone in the other, when I look out the window the sky had gotten ten shades darker and it looks like the storm could hit at any minute, I look up to the big screen which tells you what flight is coming in next and when I go down the list to Ellen’s flight number it is flashing red, I frown and walk towards the desk below it.

“Excuse me; what does is mean when it’s red?” I ask the lady turns around and looks up at the board before looking back down at the screen, she checks her watch then grabs a walkie talkie from the desk, mumbling something into the receiver before doing something on the computer, for a moment I thought she had forgotten about me, I looked back up at the board and the flight number was gone. “Will you tell me whats going on?” I asked and she looked back up at me.

“The tower can’t get hold of the pilot, they aren’t responding.” She informs me and my stomach drops.

“What do you mean they aren’t responding?”

“They are off the radar.” She says and I have no idea what she is talking about, off the radar? What the fuck?

“My fiancé and baby is on that plane, I want to know what is going on.”

“I’m sorry, you’re going to have to go take seat and wait for further information over the loud speakers.”

An hour passed and all I was expecting was the worst, the plane should have been here over half an hour ago, the rain had started outside, the window being sliced in rain drops, the thunder cracking and being followed by lighting, all the flights had been delayed but I had heard nothing about Ellen’s flight, the stuffed animal was thrown into the chair beside me as I flicked the small box in my hand open and closed listing to the small crack as the lid slammed.

“Loved ones and friends of the passengers of Flight 872 from Australia to Florida it is with deep regard and sympathy that we pass on the massage that the flight has crashed, so far there are no known survivors.” I felt as though my heart had stopped and I couldn’t get air to my lungs, crashed? No known survivors? Ellen’s flight crashed? The love of my life and my baby are… dead? I looked down at the open box in my hands, the diamond in on the ring in it seems to not be as shiny as it was minutes ago. I looked up and out the window, the dark sky seams to suit the mood as I hope and pray this is a mistake, that they said the wrong flight, the wrong number, this can’t be real. I feel a presence beside me and look towards it, my eyes and cheeks damp from my tears but I don’t bother to wipe them away.

“Do you want to leave?” Paul asked gently but I shook my head, I can’t leave, what if they were wrong and Ellen shows up, what if her plane was delayed and the pilot is just waiting for the right time to land. I look at the ring in the dark blue velvet box and after a moment feel hands under my arms helping me up but I struggle out of them.

“I can’t leave.” I say forcefully, I grip the stuffed animal and push the ring box into my back pocket where it was earlier, “I have to wait for my baby and Ellen.” I say my voice braking slightly, I struggle to inhale air, “I can’t leave.” I say and look back out the window, “not yet.” I almost whisper. As Paul walks away I look towards him, he grips his phone and punches in a number before lifting it to his ear, I watch for a moment before my head falls and I look at the soft toy in my hands, I close my eyes for a moment and picture what I wanted to happen today, how today was supposed to happen. I was finally going to propose to Ellen proply, I finally got her the most beautiful ring, I was supposed to be able to watch her smile down at me almost in tears, I would have been smiling up at her and London would be asking what we were doing, she should have hugged the small, soft toy to her chest as I carried her, my other hand in Ellen’s as we leave the airport. I grab my phone from my pocket when it rings and look at the caller ID, I was disappointed when Ellen’s name and photo didn’t come up on the screen in the place of Sophia’s, I hesitantly answered the call placing it to my ear but I don’t say a word.

“Louis?” she asks but I don’t say anything back, “Louis im so sorry.” He voice isn’t the same as always, she’s been crying. “Louis you have to leave the airport, Ellen isn’t there.” I heard her sniffle and her voice was wavy but I shake my head.

“She will be here, Sophia, her flight is just delayed.”

“No Louis.” she sobs, “it was on the news, she’s gone.”

“You’re wrong. She is coming.” I tell her sternly, “She will be here any minute.”

Harry’s POV

Louis had left a few hours ago to pick up Ellen and London at the airport, Everyone was sitting around the large suite we were all sharing, the TV on but no one really watching it as we all spoke, it was kind of loud in the living space but Niall gets every ones attention.

“Hey, guys there’s a photo of Ellen and London on the TV.” We all look at the TV as he rewinds it, he stops it and a wreck of burnt mettle was displayed by the News helicopter.

“Flight 872 from Australia to Florida went down at four twelve today, on board was one thousand, one hundred and twenty seven passengers, eighteen staff and two of the passengers were One Direction star, Louis Tomlinson’s pregnant fiancé, Ellen Aprils and their first child London.” A photo of Ellen and London appeared and the room was absolutely silent except for the TV where the news broad cast continued saying a sincere apology to the people who lost someone in the wreck, only moments later did Sophia’s phone ring and I looked around the room, both girls were crying the other boys looked completely in shock all their faces completely pale.

“Who was that?” Liam asked as she wiped her tears from her eyes.

“Paul. Louis won’t believe it.” she placed the phone to her ear after punching something in.

“Louis?” she asks her voice soft from her crying, “Louis im so sorry.” He looked at the floor and sniffled, “Louis you have to leave the airport, Ellen isn’t there.” her voice was wavy and Liam rubbed her back, comforting her, there was a buzz coming from the phone and im guessing Louis replied.

“No Louis.” she sobs, “it was on the news, she’s gone.” She cry’s harder, bowing her head as she listened to the other end of the call, “Louis, please. She isn’t coming back, Louis, you have to go with Paul, please.”

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