Beofre Time Runs Out, Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction.

Sequel to Before I Met You.
Ellen Aprils is back in London and she has a new addition to the world. Ellen wants to keep her presence a secret from Louis as she is fully aware of his new relationship that she presumed he was happy in. Everything goes there way after Louis is caught cheating on his previous girlfriend with Ellen, after spending a few days at a music festival has photos leaked of their moments.


29. 29

Next day

Ellen’s POV

I had been at the hospital all day with my family and Louis, only minutes ago Josh took a turn for the worst and I couldn’t stay in the room, I was stood out in the hall way, leaning back against the wall,  thoughts and memories of my sister coming back vividly in my mind, I was really getting sick of thinking the worst just because it happen earlier in my life, I was sick of not being able to handle it when it’s just a little glitch, everything was going to be fine, eventually, and eventually everything will be back to normal, Josh with have pulled though and our lives would be back to normal.

“You okay, baby?” Louis steps out into the hall, closing the door behind him, he grips my upper arms, bending slightly to look in my eyes, “Everything’s going to be fine, baby.” he assures me and I wish I believed it, I really do, he pulls me into his embrace and I rest my head on his shoulder, his shirt fisted between my fingers.

“I think I need some air.” I notify him, I pull away looking up at him, “I’ll be back soon, I just want some time alone.” He nods.

“Call me if you want me to come out with you. Okay?” I nod, I turn away from him and start walking down the hall, felling his eyes on me the whole time until I turned the corner, I pressed the elevator button and head down to the ground level, stepping out of  the hospital and into the fresh air feels like a weight off my shoulders, my lungs filling with the chilled night air and my skin pricking in the wind, I walk away from all the light of the hospital, taking a seat on the grass in the shade of the night, I rest my head back between my shoulders and close my eyes, focusing on the air filling my lungs.

I feel a jab and a sting in my arm, my eyes flying open and my hand flies up to clutch the pain, I see a male with long grey hair running off and I notice there is something sticking in my arm, when I look down a syringe is in my arm, I grip the body of it in my fist and squeeze my eyes shut as I pull it out, blood drips from the small wounded along with a clear liquid but I tell myself not to panic, I get up from the grass immediately and make my way back towards the hospital, the needle left behind as I make my way to the emergence room, I go straight to the desk, the lady looks up at me before greeting me.

“I’ve been stuck with a needle.” I state as calmly as I can, my finger putting pressure on the small spot.

“Would you mind filling this out, you can take a seat over there.” she slides a clip bard with a piece of paper and a pen under the metal clip across the desk bit I forcefully push it back at her, causing it to fly over the desk.

“I have been injected with something none of us know; I want to see a doctor now.”

“There are patients in front of you.”

“Yes, with broken fingers and hands, not an unknown liquid flowing in their veins.” The lady looks to the woman at the other booth for help, she stands and calls me around to the door, Im let though a large door that closes itself, she walks me though to a room and tells me a doctor will be in right away, I take long, deep breaths trying to calm myself, telling myself it was nothing.

“Hi, im Dr. Coal, what seems to be the probably.” A tall, lean male introduces himself.

“Well for starters some sociopath stabbed me with a needle.”

“May I take a look?” I turn my body slightly and he slips rubber gloves on his hands before observing the spot that seems to be stinging but im sure that I might just be paranoid. “How long ago did this happen?” he asked as he gently pokes around.

“About ten minutes ago.” I state.

“Okay, it seem to be red and swollen, so I’d like to get a blood test, it’s not like one you go to a GP and get the results a week later, this will only take twenty minutes, maybe less.”

“Okay.” I shrug, “Just do it, I don’t want this to be some poisons thing that’s going to make me lose and arm.” He laughs and I think he might have thought I was joking. He feels around the bend of my arm for a vain before tying some kind of rope around my upper arm, a moment later he is filling a vial with my blood from the small needle he had pushed into my vain. He uses a cotton ball as he pulls the needle out and asks me to put pressure on it, I do as im told and soon he is placing a small round band-ad over the small dot.

“Is there someone you can call while the test is being ran?” I nod, “I never asked, why were you at the hospital already?”

“My brother.” I inform and he nods.

“Okay, well im going to go get this ran, the sooner the better I think.” I nod and once his left I grab my phone out, I call Louis and he picks up on the second ring.


“Lou, can you come down to emergence? Tell them a doctor named Dr. Coal had you come down for me.”

“What are you doing in emergence?”

“I will explain when you get here.” He hesitantly tells me he would be there in a minute and the phone call ends, soon Louis is in the room with me, I had explain to him what happen and he is standing by the bed as I lie with my arm covering my eyes.

“Okay, so we have to results of the blood test.” The doctor says after he walked back into the room, I sat up, my legs swinging off the side of the bed, Louis and I watch him as he reads over the piece of paper in his hand, his eyebrow raises and his eyes widen ever so slightly. “Okay.” He said still not looking up from the sheet of paper, “So the test didn’t detect anything bad, I guess it may have been water you were injected with, but.” He pauses looking up finally, his eyes moving from Louis and mine, “Your pregnant.” I feel my body slump and go numb, “Congratulations.” The doctor finishes, I close my eyes taking in as steady a breath as I can handle. “I will leave you in privacy and I’ll be back momentarily.”

“What are you thinking?” Louis asked me, I opened my eyes to see him looking down at me, “Do you not want another baby?”

“It’s not that.” I shake my head, he grips my hands in his, watching me.

“Than what is it?”

“I never told you this Louis, but.” I sigh not wanting to get emotional, “When I was pregnant with London she had an identical twin.” Louis’ face notably drops, “It’s in my geans and London’s to have identical twins, my mum did, her mums mum did and as far back as I can remember my mum telling me all the woman in her family did.” I shake my head, “London was the older of the two, the younger was born with a hole in her heart, I know one in three babies are but hers wasn’t like everyone else’s, two weeks after she was born she died, it never healed or showed any sign of healing, I never got to hold her, I just watched her from a distance for two weeks Louis, two weeks I watched my baby die, I don’t want to go through that again.” as much as I don’t want to cry I can’t help it, tears stream from my eyes, Louis stiffly pulls me into his arms, his chin resting on my shoulder as he hushes me.

“It won’t happen like that, baby. Let me promise you that.” He rubs my back, the gesture soothing me ever so slightly, and for some unknown reason I believed him, I knew he couldn’t control what happen to our baby but I believed him, I believed he wouldn’t let that happen and I believed he wouldn’t let me go through that again. The doctor returns after a while offering us the exact amount of week the baby is, we agree and are taken to a new room, im asked to pee on a stick and when we come back the doctor analyses it in something, while we wait for the result the doctor asks us questions.

“So are you married?” is his first question.

“Engaged.” Louis and I say at the same time causing us to both laugh slightly.

“And this is your first child?”

“Second.” I correct.

“Are you both the parents or is there someone else?”

“Both of us.” Louis answers, the questions he asks makes me feel a bit strange but I brush it off, waiting for the answer on how old the baby is.

“And how old is he or she?”

“She’s two.” Louis says calmly, I wonder if he is picking up the same vibe I am.

“That’s very nice.” He smiles, the small device on the table beeps and he looks towards it, “You are five and a half weeks pregnant.” He tells us and Louis and I look towards one another.

“Explains the weight.” I say and Louis laughs shaking his head.

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