Beofre Time Runs Out, Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction.

Sequel to Before I Met You.
Ellen Aprils is back in London and she has a new addition to the world. Ellen wants to keep her presence a secret from Louis as she is fully aware of his new relationship that she presumed he was happy in. Everything goes there way after Louis is caught cheating on his previous girlfriend with Ellen, after spending a few days at a music festival has photos leaked of their moments.


28. 28

Ellen’s POV

As Louis promised I was placed on the very next flight black to Australia, I walked thought the hospital doors and straight to reception, my bags I’d dropped at my parents’ house, they weren’t there so I left the bag by the door.

“Can I get a room for Josh Aprils?”  I asked the receptionist after she greeted me, she typed into the commuter before looking back up at me.

“There’s only family seeing him at the moment.”

“His my brother.” I inform and he looks back at the screen.

“His in intensive care, down the hall you will find the elevators, go down one level then to your left.” She smiles at me and I nods and walk away, the word ‘intensive’ swimming in my mind as I thoughtlessly make my way towards the elevators, this was becoming more and more like Lynthia’s situations with every step I took, the memories from years ago after I had woken up from an induced coma and gone to see my sister, a month later her life support was turned off and she died, I just hoped that wouldn’t be the case for Josh. I pushed open the door to the family waiting room and saw my mum and dad, London sleeping in my father’s arms, at the sight of my family I broke down in tears, my mum flung her arms around me and we sobbed into one another’s shoulders, she mumbled how much she loved me and I did the same back before we finally collected ourselves and pulled away.

“Can I see him?” she shook her head.

“They’ve taken him to have some more tests done, he shouldn’t be long.” She informs me and I nod, she directs me to a seat where I greet my dad with a hug and kiss my baby’s cheek, stroking her hair back off her face.

“So what happen?”

“He was in the car with a P plater, it wasn’t even the drivers fault, a speeding car hit them.” my mum shook her head, “I just can’t believe my baby is being taken from me.”

“Don’t talk like that, mum.” I wipe my nose, “He will pull though.” But the words where more for me, reassurance that everything is going to be just fine, assonance that I wasn’t going to have to go thought the pain of losing another sibling and going though the stage where I wonder why it wasn’t me, why they took my family away when they could have easily take me, im more of a burden then either of my siblings.

“Mr and Mrs. Aprils, Josh is back if you’d like to see him.” I look towards my mum once she thanks the doctor and he leaves, she tells me only three people can go in at once so my dad offers to stay out while London is sleeping. My mum and I head out of the waiting room that only we were occupying and we head in though a large, heavy door after pressing a button and telling the people who we were and who we were going to see, when we get to the terminal where my brother was laying lifeless in the bed a lady nurse helped me and my mum into body suits and hair nets, I knew this was so no germs could be passed on to the healing patient, I had been told many times. I slipped on my blue rubber gloves and followed my mum to the bedside of my baby brother, his chest rose and fell steadily but the moves were heavy as the machines pumped air into his lungs, the beep of the heart monitor was reassuring even though I knew the machine was doing it for him, his eyes had Vaseline over them to keep them moist and many turns ran from his body to machines, one rather large tube was in his mouth and no doubt down his though, it was the oxygen one, it had the slightest bit of saliva in it probably from when they put it in his mouth.

“How long has he been like this?” I asked my mum as I grabbed his ice cold hand.

“Two days.” She says dryly, I look down at Josh; his body was puffed up, his cheeks and neck bigger than usual. “The nurses said if his heart is beating on its own in the next two days they can move him to a privet room.”

“What dose London put of all this?” I look at my mum.

“She just thinks his sleeping.”

Four days later

Josh had made a big improvement, he was breathing on his own and his heart was working without its machines, it was kind of freaky the day he started breathing on his own, I was the only one with him down in intensive care, my parents had taken London home for the night, his heart had started working only hours before and the nurses were monitoring him closely over night to see whether he was fit to have a privet room and leave intensive care. The heart monitor started beeping really fast showing signs of stress, a nurse was at the bed side with in seconds and he started making choking sounds telling us the tube which was down his though was no longer needed, she kept it there for only moments just to make sure before she gently removed it. I heard him take a deep breath but that was it, he didn’t move of make another sound, the next morning doctors took him for a few tests before giving him a new room, a privet room, we were so relieved, the doctors told us it was a good sign and we knew it was, it was something Lynthia never did herself, it was as if Lynthia was too weak to fight it but Josh was.

I turned at the sound of the door clicking open and closed and I found Louis standing there, I jumped up and was in his arms in mere seconds, my head in the crook of his neck and arms wrapped tightly around his neck, his arms held my body to his tighter then I think he had ever don’t before, I pulled away and our lips connected hard in a swift peck before we hugged again, we pulled away my hands holding his shoulders as he held my waist.

“What are you doing here?” I asked utterly surprised, joy running though my veins.

“I wanted to see how everything was going.” He looked over my shoulder, I had spoken to him every night since I left him, also letting London do the same, it was a great thing to have my baby girl in my arms, she hardly let me go the first night she saw I was back, she had even slept in the same bed with me, I couldn’t complain I had missed my little girl more than I thought I would. “How is he?” Louis asked and we made our way towards the bed, Louis stood beside the chair as I sat down.

“The same as yesterday, not much progress from there but his getting there.” I state as we look at the sleeping boy in the bed, “Have you seen London yet?” Louis shakes his head.

“Only your dad.” I raise an eyebrow.

“My dad.” He nods.

“I told him I asked you to marry me.” my lips part.

“Oh my god, I totally forgot to tell them, I’ve had so much on my mind.” He smiles bending and kissing my lips.

“Its fine, I didn’t expect you to remember with a family crises happening.”

“London should be here soon, im sure she will be happy to see you.” Louis smiles, “Her surprise might even wake Josh up.” He laughs and as if on cue the door is opened again, London is mumbling something as she swings from my mum’s hand, my dad follows them and closes the door.

“Hi angle.” London says looking at London, she stops her jiggling around and looks up, her eyes widen and he jaw drops as she drops the small book in her hand and lets go of my mums hand before running to Louis, he picks her up and hugs her tight, my mum laughs placing a hand on my shoulder as she watches her granddaughter and her soon to be son in law, I look over to my dad and I detect a smile on his normally stone hard face, Louis can only get a quick greeting in for my mum before London has dragged him over the lounge in the corner talking her head off about everything she has done over the past few weeks, Louis sites listening intently to what his daughter has to say, being excited for her when necessary and laughing at the right times.

“So my baby’s engaged is she?” I look away from Louis and London and to my mum who is sitting beside me in the other chair, she smiles at me when I shyly nod. “Im happy for you, sweetie.” She says giving me a hug, “You’re going to make a great wife and I already knew you’d be a great mother.” I smile at her.

“Like mother like daughter don’t you think?” she laughs.

“That’s right my darling, and never forget it.”

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