Beofre Time Runs Out, Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction.

Sequel to Before I Met You.
Ellen Aprils is back in London and she has a new addition to the world. Ellen wants to keep her presence a secret from Louis as she is fully aware of his new relationship that she presumed he was happy in. Everything goes there way after Louis is caught cheating on his previous girlfriend with Ellen, after spending a few days at a music festival has photos leaked of their moments.


26. 26

Four days later

Ellen’s POV

“So where are we going to go for the next three days?” Louis asked as we sat on the lounge in the suite, his arms around me, crossed over my chest as I lean back against his body, my head on his shoulder.

“Well.” I start, “My parents have a place in Flushing, it’s about half an hour from here on a train.”

“We’re gonna go by train?”

“How long has it been since you’ve been on a train, Louis?” he shrugged, “We’re going by train.” He laughed, “me and my brother always caught the train into the CBD, mum didn’t know where we were for hours at a time.”

“How long has it been since you last came here?”

“A good six years, I think it was a few months before we meet.”

“And the things you were missing out on.” I laugh.

“You wish.”  He nuzzled his head into the back of my neck.

“So are we going tomorrow morning or after the show tonight?”

“Tonight if you’d like.” He nodded.


It was almost midnight when Louis and I snuck out of the hotel room, both in oversized grey hoodies and black jeans, our hoods up to cover our faces as we stepped out of the hotel into the open night, Louis had a duffle bag over his shoulder with our supplies for the next three days. We arrived at the train station only waiting a few minutes after paying for a ticket and jumped on the train, we took a seat towards the back, a few rows a head of us a group of teenaged girls sat giggling and I wondered what they were doing out so late.

“Way to pick a carriage.” I say sinking deep into the seat, a few of the girls observing us but im sure they haven’t noticed who we are, I look up at Louis and he has slipped a pair of sunglasses up his nose.

“Hey Corey Hart” I laugh tapping the dark lenses and he smiles.

“I wear my sunglasses at night.”  He sings the lyrics and I laugh at him, “We don’t need them recognising me, or you for that matter.” He says pulling my hood down further.

“They’re looking over here.” I tell Louis quietly, both of us low in our spots; Louis looks up from his phone.

“How long until where there?” he asked and I checked the time on his phone scream.

“Another twenty minutes. What are we going to do if they figure it out?”

“Do you still like to run?” I laugh.

“I don’t think running is an option, not since I had London, well maybe about two hundred meters in a sprint nothing more.

“Well haven’t you let yourself go?” my jaw drops.

“Don’t even go there.” I worn and he laughs, “It won’t be too bad if they figure it out, there’s only like six of them it’s not like we’re gonna get mobbed.” He nods, we sat in silence for a bit, Louis scrolling through his phone, I noticed the girls whispering a lot and im pretty sure they took photos of us.

“Hey how are we going to get into the house?” I look up at Louis after he asked.

“It involves you climbing to the second story.” I saw his eyebrow rise under the large sunglasses, “There’s a key under my bedroom window, it’s taped under the window ledge.”

“Why did you keep a spear key there?”

“I may or may not have snuck into the CBD while my family were asleep, me and the girl that lived across the street went, she told me that’s where she kept the spear so I took it upon myself to do the same.”

“God you were such a bad arse even in the country you didn’t live in permanently.”

“That’s nothing compared to what I use to do in France.”

“Where else do your parents have a house?” he asked me.

“France, New York, Australia and London, well I live in the London apartment.”


“My mum worked in London and New York a lot while she was still a lawyer, and we always went on holidays to Paris.”

“So does that mean we are going to escape for a few days while we are playing in Paris.” I smile.

“Possibly.” The train started to slow and the voice telling you what station was coming up came on, I took Louis’ hand and stood up, he grabbed the bag and we made our way to stand near the door, once it had opened we started walking towards the exit when I noticed the girls from our carriage following us, “We have company.” I say and Louis discreetly turns his head to take a peck.

“When we get though the terminal we have to run.” He says and I shake my head.

“I can’t run, Lou.”

“You can and you will.” He says as he feeds his ticket to the machine, “Left or right?” he asks as I feed my ticket to the machine getting thought and I pull him to the right, we start off in a jog, Louis turning to look over his shoulder, he starts going a bit fast, holding my hand, I keep up with him as we make it to the street, I point to the left and we head down the street in a fast jog, there are barely any people out, it almost being one in the morning now.

“There’s an ally as you turn into the next street, we have to run faster to get there before the girls see us.”

“Are you sure? You were pretty determined not to run.”

“Shut up. When you turn left let my hand go and run hard out to get to the ally, I’ll do the same.” He nods in agreement and soon we are turning the corner I let his hand go and pump my arms at my sides, lagging less than a meter behind him as we run for the ally, as I turn into it I look back the girls hadn’t made it to the street yet, we head around the corner of the building me bending over, my hands on my knees as I take air into my lungs and Louis crouched beside the large bin.

“Now who’s the unfit one?” he teases and I stand up straight.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, im fine.” But my puffing is evident, my chest rising and falling quickly.

“How far away is the house from here?” Louis asks gabbing my hand and pulling me down to a crouching position in front of him.

“Just around the block, maybe four streets away.”

“Do you think they will be gone by now?” Louis asked folding the glasses and putting them in the large bag, I shrug.

“I don’t think they’re going to stick around, they probably think we got into a car.” He nods.

It had been an hour since we were hiding in the ally, Louis had climbed to the roof of the first story and got the key, the house is larger then I remember, the rooms the same though, we had started the fire in the living room and gone thought all the cupboards in the house to discover, to neither of our surprise that all the food was out of date, we explored the rest of the bottom floor before heading upstairs to check it out.

“Two beds?” he asked as we entered my old room, two single beds either side of the window,  half the room painted green and the other pink, two different sets of chested draws and two different bedside tables.

“Peaches and I shared a room, we insisted on having a playroom, that was before josh came along and before she died.” I felt Louis’ eyes on me but I didn’t look at him. “I remember one of the last times we were here before everything happen we pushed our beds together but they didn’t touch proply and she fell thought the crack, we laughed the whole night.” I walk towards the small bench across the room, on Lynthia’s side of the room, opening the lid and pulling out a box, I sit on her bed and Louis sits on mine facing me.

“We never got rid of her things, not here anyway, me and her made this box with my mum when my dad had stayed back in Australia, we called it ‘The G Box.’ for only girl stuff, we collected a lot but not enough to fill it. I remember when I was about thirteen, my parents left me here on my own for the night while they took Soap out with them for dinner, I went thought the room and just snapped, I trashed everything of hers but when I realised what I had done I glued and taped everything back together or what I could get back together, anyway.”

“Do you still think about her a lot?” I look up from the sparkling box.

“More then I admit.” I nod, “I obviously don’t hold the feelings I did when I was a teenager.” I shrug, “I will always look back on my years as a kid and have her hunting it.” he moved across the small space and sat beside me, wrapping his arms around me and kissing my temple, I lay me head on his chest. “Im glade I found you.” I whisper, his grip tightened around me.

“Im glade too.” He reply’s and I smile snuggling into his body, I wasn’t going to cry, I wasn’t as weak as I once was, I was stronger, I wasn’t the same girl I was four years ago, I haven’t been the same since Louis came into my life, he made it better, he was the person I needed to get though my never ending guilt over my sister, the cloud over my life was lifted when he entered it and I couldn’t be more grateful to him for giving me everything I could have ever asked for.

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