Beofre Time Runs Out, Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction.

Sequel to Before I Met You.
Ellen Aprils is back in London and she has a new addition to the world. Ellen wants to keep her presence a secret from Louis as she is fully aware of his new relationship that she presumed he was happy in. Everything goes there way after Louis is caught cheating on his previous girlfriend with Ellen, after spending a few days at a music festival has photos leaked of their moments.


21. 21

Ellen’s POV

I lay under Louis, his weight held up on his forearms as I stroke his cheek, the room temperature had cooled and so had the rush of having sex.

“How was your flight?” Louis asked pressing a kiss at the base of my neck, my fingers holding his biceps.

“The same as any flight when im alone, I guess.”

“Was London okay when you left?” I nod.

“Yeah but I don’t think she knows how long a month really is.” I respond, “Speaking of London, maybe we should call, we promised we would whenever we can.”

“We can’t.” He pauses and I look up at him, “It’s like two in the morning there.” I sigh, tracing my index finger over his chest, there’s a knock at the door then a voice followed.

“Ten minutes till we’re going down to the pool.” An Irish accent called Louis’ and my eyes never leaving each other’s.

“Want to go to the pool?” Louis asked, I nod and he pecks my lips before rolling to the side and getting up, “I was dressed for the pool about an hour ago.” He states and I prop myself up onto my elbows watching him shuffle into his briefs then his boardies.

“And would you like me to get you something to wear or are you going to do it?” I smiled laying back.

“You can.” I say, a smile on my face, I hear him let out a laugh and a moment later I hear a zipper, my bag must have been delivered, I hear clothing hitting the floor before he kneels on the bed beside me holding a floral bikini top in one hand and in the other black bottoms, I smiled and griped the black bikini bottoms, slipping them past my feet, I lift my hips and pull them up, Louis places the material of the bikini top over my breasts, I sit forward and hold it in place while he clips it at the back. I kneel up on my knees and press a kiss to his lips as a thank you before getting off and going to my bag which has discarded clothes all around it, I grab a pair of thongs which were tucked into the side and drop them to the floor slipping my feet into them and wriggling my toes till there on proply, grabbed my Ray-Bands from the side pocket and slipping them on top of my head, I grab a cover top that wasn’t so covering, pulling it over my head and pushing my arms though before letting it fall to mid-thigh.

When I turn around Louis has pulled his shirt on, I grabbed my phone that was left in my jean pocket and Louis places a hand in the small of my back guiding me out of the room, we head down the hall and end up in the foyer where Im squashed in a hug by Perrie and Sophia, we all leave the room and head down in the elevator, once we reach the pool we are directed by a staff member to our privet villa, the boys order drinks as I stand in the opening to the villa looking over my surroundings, there were plenty of people around most of them woman splashing around in the pool wearing very reviling bikinis, the pool massive and the sun hot.

Almost two hours passed and Sophia, Perrie and I had separated ourselves from the boys, we sat on the opposite side of the pool to the villa, Louis and Zayn both laying on sunbeds just outside it while the other three play the Xbox located in the shade and comfort of the villa.

“You’ve really changed Louis.” I hear Perrie say and I turn my head in her direction, “He has never been this happy with a girl before I don’t think.” I look in the direction he is and see Louis already watching me.

“He is so protective over you, and the way he looks at you.” She shakes her head, “It amazes me, I couldn’t ever imagine it.” I watch Louis, I know he can’t see that im looking at him because of the ray-bans slipped up my nose, I recall having a similar convocation with Liam months before I get pregnant.

“He was never like this with Eleanor?” I ask and I can feel them watching me, burning holes in either side of my body.

“Louis knew Eleanor was cheating, I don’t think it was ever going to happen.” Perrie states.

“Did you know?” I look at both of them, Perrie nods but Sophia doesn’t.

“She never said anything but I knew, I saw them together a lot.” She shrugs, “I would have said something but I didn’t want to upset Louis, he seemed happier then when he was single, Zayn mentioned a girl but I don’t know.” Sophia and I share a look before I turn back to face Perrie.

“Me.” I say and she looks at me confused, “the girl Zayn would have mentioned was me.” she raised an eyebrow looking from me to Sophia and I think Sophia might have nodded, “Louis got me pregnant and my parents made me move back to Australia.” Her eyes widened and a moment later she finally spoke.

“Wait a minute.” She looked back towards the boys, “London is.” She looks at me in shock and I nod.

“I didn’t think I would see Louis again, so I called her London for two reasons, London was where she was conceived and Louis lived in London.” She looked at Louis, across the pool as she peaced everything together.

“Perrie why do you think London calls Louis dad?” Sophia chimes in and Perrie shrugged.

“I just though she really liked him, I didn’t know he really was.” She continued to process everything, “So Louis was never over you.” She states and I shrugged.

“There could have been a time he was, I don’t know.” I reply.

“I think you might want to go claim what’s yours.” I turn my head in Sophia’s direction then follow her gaze across the pool until my eyes landed on Louis, a female in a very, very reviling bikini sat on the edge of his sunbed, my lips part ever so slightly and I swing my legs of the side of the sunbed I was previously laying on, I stand without a word and start making my way around the pool. I pushed my glasses to the top of my head as I took my last step to be behind Louis, I slide my hands down his chest, crossing them over his front before pressing a kiss to his cheek, he reaches up gripping one of my forearms and gently stocking his thumb over a patch of skin, I look the girl directly in the eyes and she narrows them at me.

“What are you doing?” I asked Louis, kissing just under his ear, never taking my eyes off the girl in front of me, she stands before Louis answers and starts walking off, her hips swaying a little too much.

“Thank you.” He breaths as if he was holding his breath.

“For what?” I ask walking around to the side and taking a seat where the girl had previously sat.

“Getting rid of her.” I smile and lean over pressing a kiss to his lips, lingering there for a moment before pulling fully away.

“What did she want?” I ask tracing the strip on the side of his boardies.

“I don’t know, to get into the villa, she had a really thick accent.” He informs me and I look around, spotting the same girl sitting with a group of guys, its obvious they have money as they sit outside a villa a little bit smaller than ours dressed in designer brands and sipping champagne.

“She’s just a gold digger.” I state looking back at him, “Plus she can’t have you, your mine.” I say, he wraps his arms around me, pulling me closer and kissing my lips.

“Did you know that Perrie didn’t know about London being your daughter, she didn’t even know we dated a while ago.” I lay to Louis’ side, my fingers tracing the defined lines of his torso.

“Really?” I nod, “well dose she now?” I nod again.

“Yes, she didn’t see it coming.” I laugh slightly, “you should have seen her, trying to proses everything.” he laughs as well, kissing my temple.

“Would you like a drink?” he asked and I nodded, we both sat up then got to our feet, my hand was taken in Louis’ as he took me towards the villa, he sat me on one of the plush white double loungers and walked towards a small table getting two glasses of champagne, I thank him when he hands it to me, sitting beside me with an arm across the back of my shoulders while I snuggle into him.

Louis’ POV

Ellen and I sit in the villa, champagne in our grasps as we watch Harry, Liam and Niall play Fifa on the Xbox and TV set on the other side of the villa, when Ellen’s phone started to ring she immediately got up to retrieve it from the place she put the rest of her belonging, checking the caller ID before stepping out of the villa to take it. I got to my feet placing my champagne glass on the small glass table to the side and make my way out, she sits on one of the sunbeds, phone to her ear as she uses her other hand to twist a few strands of her hair, she doesn’t look up when I stand by the sunbed just continues to phone call.

“I have it yes.” She says into the phone, “I was going to start at the end of the week.” She states, “four days?” she asks her lips parting slightly, eyebrows raised, “No that’s not a problem.” She rubs her forehead listening to the person. “Thank you. Goodbye.” She hangs the phone up and sighs rubbing her eyes before getting to her feet. “I need to head up to the room.” She states and I nod.

“Okay.” She walks past me and back into the villa, slipping her shirt back over her head and slipping into her thongs, “Who was it?” I ask as she throws her hair over her shoulder.

“A publisher I work for.” She fixes her sunglasses back on top of her head, “He sends me hand printed story’s and I have to type them out.” She shrugs, “I was mailed one the other day and was told there wasn’t a date it was needed by, now he wants it in less than a week and I haven’t started it.”

“I thought you wrote books.” I watch her and she nods.

“I do, I also type out others, sometimes edit a bit but my job isn’t to edit.”

“So you’re going to go start it?”

“Yep.” She stretchers up on her toes and pecks my lips, “I’ll see you later.” And she left, heading out of the villa.

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