Beofre Time Runs Out, Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction.

Sequel to Before I Met You.
Ellen Aprils is back in London and she has a new addition to the world. Ellen wants to keep her presence a secret from Louis as she is fully aware of his new relationship that she presumed he was happy in. Everything goes there way after Louis is caught cheating on his previous girlfriend with Ellen, after spending a few days at a music festival has photos leaked of their moments.


20. 20

Month later

Ellen’s POV

I was sitting on the longer in my parents’ house, London and the cats are staying with them for the mouth until I come back for Christmas, I was meeting Louis and the boys in New York where there kicking off their tour at the end of next week, my family had left twenty minutes ago with London and went out for dinner, I waited for Claudia to come pick me up so we could go see a movie, I hadn’t spoken to Louis in two days, since I left the UK and London was bugging me about it. I jumped in surprise when there was a knock at the door, I got up grabbing the keys to the house and opening the door to find Claudia, I greeted her and made my way out of the door before locking it, we walked towards her car where Tegan had already taken up the front passenger seat leaving me for the back.

Week later

My mum had brang me to the airport, London had her arms tightly wrapped around my neck, knowing fully well she wasn’t getting on the plane with me, I had told her it wouldn’t be long until she saw me again. I had checked my bags in and all that was left was to say goodbye got though security and head to New York, I loosened London’s grip around my neck, she complied reluctantly but then gripped my shoulders looking at me.

“Remember what daddy said the other night?” I asked and she just watched me, “That he will call as much as he can?” she nodded, “I promise I will do the same, whenever I have some free time you will be the first to get a call.” She held out her pinkie and I smile taking it with mine. “Kiss it.” I say and we both do the same, kissing the pad of our thumb.

“Lock it.” she said softly and we pushed our thumbs together, “And put it in a pocket.” We released our interlocked pinkies and I shoved my hand in my back jean pocket while she shoved hers in the pocket on the front of her shirt.

“Mummy will be thinking about you the whole time, will you think about mummy?” she nodded and I smiled kissing her forehead and squeezing her in a hug, I placed her on the floor and embraced my mum in a hug, she rocked my from side to side a few times before releasing me, “Look after my baby.” I said as she held me at arm’s length, and we both let out a laugh, “I love you mum, thank you for watching her.” I say hugging her again.

“I know your dad wasn’t too fond of you dating that British one again, especially after the incident with his other girlfriend but between you and me im happy for you.” She looked down at London causing me to do the same, “The way she talks about him, I know his still a good boy, and he better take care of my two girls.” I smile.

“He looks after us just fine, mum.” I say and she picks London up, holding her to the side.

“And I love you too, sweetie. Stay safe, okay?” I nod and kiss London a finale time on the cheek.

“Bye-bye mummy.”

“Bye baby.” I say as I start to back away, my carry-on hanging from my shoulder as my mum and London wave, I turn around and start to walk and when im about the turn a corner I look back to see there still standing in the same spot, London enthusiastically waves at me and I smile blowing her a kiss and then there out of sight.

After a long twenty hour flight I finally landed in New York, it was only eight in the morning as I stepped onto an escalator, I look around hundreds of people holding signs waiting for people, I look for my name, Louis had told me there would be a driver waiting to pick me up, when I step off the escalator I see a man in a black t shirt and navy blue jeans standing with ‘E. Aprils’ scripted neatly on a sign, I make my way toward him and he catches me eye.

“You must be Ellen.” he says to me, his hair short, voice rough and it seemed he hadn’t shaved in a few days.

“That would be me.” I nod.

“Im Paul, head of the boy’s security.” He informs, I take his out stretched hand and shake it softly.

“If you’re the head of security why are you not watching out for them?” I ask and he lets out a laugh as he reaches for the handle of my suit case.

“I have my men on that, not that much can happen last time I saw them was in the lobby of the hotel, they were gone as soon as I mentioned the suite you’re all staying in.”

“We’re all staying in?” I ask as we exit the building, I follow him down a path where there were plenty of cars lined up on the curb.

“We got the Diamond Suite.” He informs me, “It has seven privet rooms, a large dining and living area, a personal spar and I guess you will just have to see for yourself.” He stops and there is a man in a black suit standing by and open van.

“Miss Aprils.” He greets me with a nod and Paul ushers me in, the door is eased closed and Paul puts my bag in though the back doors, getting in the passenger seat beside the driver we head off, to the hotel I guess.

The lobby to the hotel was plush and modern, the tables white marble, the loungers white leather, the floors polished concrete, we cross the large space, an employee disappearing with my luggage, Paul presses the button once we reach the elevator and it dings at the bottom floor a short time later, a few people exit and we get on and the elevator is heading up a moment later, I look over the control board, forty eight floors and we were on the very top. We step out of the elevator and walk about five matters to a double door, dark chest nut wood, Paul pushed his key card in and the light on the lock went from red to green, a light beep of approval sounded before he pushed the handle form and the door gracefully opened, he let me in first and I took my first look at the Diamond Suit. The foyer massive, bigger than it should be, three large openings were visible, the one in front was the large living room Paul mentioned earlier and I could only imagine where the other two led.

“To your left are the rooms and to your right.” He pauses, “Why don’t you see for yourself.” I smile and start walking towards the opening on my right, turning the only way I could which was also right and heading down and into the first door, where a massive marble table already set with plates and cutlery sat, it sat easily twenty four people and had a large floor to ceiling window right across the back wall, I was amazed. Backing out of the dining room I head further down, pushing into another door to find a large study, a large chest nut wooden desk with a large black office chair was based in the middle and not even overlooking the beautiful view of new York from the floor to ceiling window at the back, just like in the dining room. When I left the studies I headed down the hall way before taking a right again, walking through a two way door to find a large kitchen, breakfast bar, two stoves and three ovens, a dish washer, two large fridges, and a very large pantry. I wondered if the staff of the hotel used this because I can’t see the guests needing three ovens. I left the kitchen and turned right at the end of the corridor again, there were only two doors down here and I took the first one which was glass, I stepped out and walked a few meters before I found a massive spar. It had to be at least four meters by three, I walked past it and found the balcony, it had a round glass outdoors table that sat ten, white metal garden chairs surrounded it and it had a beautiful view of New York, I stood for a movement looking over the view before heading back into the suite, going into the other door where I found a very, very large bathroom, a large shower with four hoses sticking out of the wall, a large double vacant vanity, a large bath was against the wall opposite to the toilet and I could smell the complimentary soaps that sat in a display bowl on the vanity.

“Ellen can I show you to your room?” I turn to see Paul standing in the door way and I nod walking towards him, I follow him door the rest of the hall and turn right once again, seven doors lined the left wall, at the third one he knocked on the white wood and gestured for me to enter, I pulled the handle down and pushed the door open, Louis stood at the end of the large bed with his shirt in his hands and a pair of board shorts around his waist, his head drifted in my direction and I turned to see Paul but he was no longer there,  I clicked the door shut. I quickly make my way towards him, his shirt left and forgotten on the end of the bed as I jump into his arms lips connecting instantly, my hands taking all of him in, running over his shoulders, up and down his back before around the back of his neck.

“I missed you so much.” He murmured not even braking the kiss to tell me.

“I missed you, too.” My words are breathless, the kiss was desperate, tongues added into the mix almost instantly, I cross my hands over my body, gripping the ham of my shirt and pulling it over my head, leaving it inside out lying on the floor. Louis’ teeth grazed the cleavage of my breasts, my fingers tangling in his hair as his fingers dig into the back on my thighs, he takes a step forward before lowering me back onto the bed, his body hovering over mine as he brushes a shaky kiss over my lips, his hands moving up from the back of my thighs, around my front, to my breasts, squeezing them gently before gripping the cups of my bra and pulling them down to expose my chest fully. His lips wrap around my left nipple and I throw my head back in pleasure, my back arching into his tough and he takes the opportunity to unclip the fabric pulling it from my shoulder and off my arms, throwing it aside and taking advantage of my chest, love bights were formed and teeth marks indented. He trails kisses down my stomach until he gets to the waist band of my jeans, sucking a kiss before popping the button and tugging the zipper down, my jeans and panties were removed before I watched him make his way towards the door, locking it before returning and removing the rest of his clothes at the end of the bed, I watch as he rolls a condom down his hard, thick shaft and soon he is back on the bed, his lips on mine as I franticly kiss him, wanting to feel him in every way possible.

“Baby, I want you. Please.” I beg him as he starts to suck the skin of my neck, he meets my gaze before pressing a kiss to my lips and settling between my bent legs, his hips lift and he grips his shaft with one hand while holding himself up with the other, I feel him rub the tip over my slit before he rolls his hips and enters me, my body feels as if it’s gone numb and all the tension from my body has disappeared, the feeling of Louis inside me after a week and a bit causing me to see and feel nothing but him, I didn’t realise until this moment how much I actually missed him.

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