Beofre Time Runs Out, Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction.

Sequel to Before I Met You.
Ellen Aprils is back in London and she has a new addition to the world. Ellen wants to keep her presence a secret from Louis as she is fully aware of his new relationship that she presumed he was happy in. Everything goes there way after Louis is caught cheating on his previous girlfriend with Ellen, after spending a few days at a music festival has photos leaked of their moments.


19. 19

Week later

Ellen’s POV

The paparazzi have toned down slightly, we’re actually able to leave the apartment without being bombarded by flashing cameras and questions, Tegan went home a few days ago and since then Louis has stayed over every night, I lie on my back, a book in hand as London and Louis sleep, the sky was grey and the windows were covered in rain. London had slept with Louis and I last night, claiming to be scared of the thunder which she has never done before, her small body between mine and Louis’, her hand grasping hold of my shirt, Louis’ arm protectively over her keeping her close in his sleep, when I feel Louis shift I turn my head towards him, a fist formed and an eye being rubbed before he catches sight of me, I smile.

“Morning.” I say softly.

“Good morning, gorgeous.” He says smiling back at me, “How’d you sleep?” he asked and I looked down at London.

“Fine, I was scared I would smother her in my sleep.”

“But you didn’t.” I laugh.

“And neither did you.” He laughs before agreeing, “I want a kiss.” I admit and he smiles, leaning up I follow his lead leaning over London we share a quick kiss, pulling away we lie back down, this time I roll to my side, my book forgotten and left on the bedside table, my fingers fiddling with a strand of London’s hair.

“Did you guys bring swimming costumes here?” Louis asked getting my attention; I look up at him confused.

“Yes. Why?”

“Let’s go to the spot.” A smile spreads on my lips when I remember what ‘the spot’ is.

“You still go there?” I ask and he nods.

“After you left I went there a lot.” He admitted and I smiled more sympathetically this time.

“Well im back.”

“Can London swim?” he looks down at her and I do the same.

“A bit.” I nod, “Remember she is two, Louis.”

We had gotten to the small stream; it was a lot different to when I last came, the grass had been cut but it being so wiled for so long it was thick under my bare feet, London was being helped into the water by Louis as I slipped my shirt off, checking my cozzie top was on proply before making my way towards the water, I sit on the edge before plopping in, London is in Louis’ arms a few meters away kicking her legs lightly in the water.

“London, show daddy how you can swim.” I say and she looks over her shoulder at me, Louis turns her in his arms and soon London is kicking her legs, water splashing Louis, her arms in front of her in a doggy paddle and once she reaches me I grab her, holding her close to me in a hug. “Good girl.” I say smiling; Louis makes his way towards us, giving London a high five and congratulating her.

We spent a while splashing around, London enjoying her time swimming, she hasn’t been in water apart from baths, since we left Australia, I sat on the grass, a towel wrapped around my body as Louis and London stayed in the water, the sky was still a dark grey and the rain had caressed to a sprinkle.

“I think we should go before a storm starts again.” I state looking up at the sky, blinking every now and again when rain would fall in my eye, London whined for a moment but stopped when Louis told her something, I wrapped a towel around London and Louis did the same for himself, scrubbing her dry I pick up the damp clothes from the floor and Louis picks London up and we start to walk back down the trail to the car.

“Mummy, I’m cold.” London tells me as we reach the car.

“There are some warm clothes in the car.” I tell her and open the back door, she gets in first then I quickly jump in behind her, closing the door while Louis goes around to the drives side, I reach for the bag on the floor pulling out a pair of London’s track suit pants, she pushes the towel aside and I get her into the pants before a hooded jumper, Louis had slipped a shirt over his chest from the front seat and I jumped back out of the car and into the passenger before slipping a pair of trackies over my swimmers and a jumper. After we were all buckled in Louis started driving, heading back though London until he was pushing the code into the keypad to open the underground garage, he parks in his normal spot beside my car and we get out, Louis opening the back door before looking over the roof of the car at me, raising a finger to his lips he points into the car, I look in through the window to see London fast asleep, her head on her shoulder, lips pouted and hands in her lap, I smile and pull the door open gently, kneeling inside I unclip her belt gently pulling her arms though the straps, Louis gathers the bag of clothes as I scoop London’s sleeping body into my arms. Her arms sleepily drift up around my neck as I hold her to my body, soothingly rubbing her back and hushing her back into slumber, Louis presses the elevator button and soon it is at the garage floor, Liam and Sophia step out once the doors open softly greeting us after they catch site of London, Sophia moves around behind me to take a peck of her as she lies her head on my shoulder, with an ‘aww’ we part ways Louis pressing for the top floor as they make their way to Liam’s car, the door to the apartment is opened by Louis and we head to the bedroom, I lay London on my bed covering her in my doona, Bandit and Sassy jumping up and snuggling up by her legs, Louis leaving a soft kiss to her forehead before we leave the room, I head up to the kitchen and a moment later feel Louis’ hands on my sides, lips on my neck.

“Let’s take a shower.” He says in my ear, his voice sending tingles down my spine, my head falling to the side slightly, his lips trailing little wet kisses all over my skin, he turns me around to face him before lifting my up onto the bench, his hands on the sides of my thighs and my legs wrapped around his waist and fingers in his hair as I watch him. One of his hands reach up tucking hair behind my ear before his thumb caresses my check, I lean into his touch on hand trailing from his hair, over his shoulder and down his arm until it rests on top of the one now cupping my check.

“My hair feels terrible.” I state and he lets out an air laugh leaning in and kissing my lips, my hands fall into my lap as he steps away grabbing a bottle of wine and two wine glasses all in one hand before gripping my hand with the other and pulling me from the bench, he leads me into the main rooms bathroom running the bath and half filling the wine glasses placing them on the edge. A moment later he is standing in front of me, a kiss is brushed across my lips as he reaches for the ham of my jumper, tugging it over my head and throwing it to the side, a moment later he had is thumbs hooked into the sides of my tracksuit pants and slowly eases them down my legs, I step out of them and he stands to his full height pushing a hand into the small of my back to bring me closer to his body, I look up at him, our eyes meeting as he pulls the tie of my bikini top, gripping the string around my neck and gently pulling it over my head, my hair cascading over one shoulder as he does so. Soon after my bikini bottoms were discarded to the side and his shirt was clasped in my hands as he tugged his boardies down along with his briefs, my hand is gripped in his and I drop the thin cotton before stepping into the bath, the hot water heating my chilled body, he steps in after me both of us sitting opposite one another.

“Your wine.” He says as he holds out one of the glasses, I smile taking it.

“Thank you.” I say softly and take a sip before placing it to the side; I reach for the tap twisting it off, the water almost filling the bath.

“Come here.” Louis says looking at me, I grip my glass placing it beside Louis’ as I move closer to him, he guides me to turn and I lay between his legs, his arms crossing over my chest and I turn my head slightly to kiss the skin of his neck.

“You’re so warm.” I whisper, snuggling further into his body, his lips press a kiss just under my ear.

An hour later the water had chilled and we had removed ourselves from the bath, now in warm clothes we sat down to lunch, London was still fast asleep in my bed and the TV softly buzzed in the background of mine and Louis’ convocations.

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